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Household chores into joy

"Honorary duties on the farm, I never perceived as a duty. The house must always be clean and tidy. This wisdom of my great-grandmother is still a child explained. Therefore, in my apartment in perfect order reigns - no dirty dishes, a speck of dust or a foreign object in the wrong place.

The only thing I never liked to do was wash and iron the laundry. Therefore, at the time, the styalka chose with feeling, sensible and ordering, so that all cares for her shifted. My assistant served me faithfully and in my tenth year of life almost ordered me to live a long time. From that world, she was taken out by a master plumber. I suffered with it the whole day and predicted that my machine would not survive the next breakdown, so it would be good to replace it with advance. With this intention, I went to a large shopping center for home appliances. After two hours of wandering between the endless rows of washing machines, I myself could advertise and sell them myself. And then I came across an amusing novelty - Candy GRANDO SimplyFi, though, so far only a prototype.

It turned out that this is the latest model with built-in Wi-Fi. This attracted me: I was curious why the washing machine had to go online. And he needs it in order to control the styalka from a distance. Not by force of thought, of course, but with the help of a special application that is installed in the smartphone. Let's say you need to go off on business. Turn on the delayed start function, and Candy will calculate the time and wash the laundry just in time for your arrival. And if the washing is over in your absence, the machine will offer to turn on a short spin. And when you return home, the linen will be clean and impeccable. To do this, in fact, you need Wi-Fi - to manage different commands remotely.

By the way, if during the wash something goes wrong, for example, the machine will stop the water to drain you to the phone immediately come custom alert. In accessible language to explain what is wrong and how to correct the problem. And in which case the master can be immediately called. In general, using this application full control is provided, nothing to worry about.

The rest of the washing machine is very advanced, solid - it is visible to the naked eye. For example, A 'LA CARTE menu allows you to select the best program for each specific case. This test accurately identifies suitable temperature and washing time, the degree of soiling, the spin cycle and everything else. This setting can be selected at once make the menu memory, and the program you want to call with one touch, directly from your smartphone.

Well, personally, I particularly liked a couple of useful options. Candy helps to save on communal. Smart car will advise the best power program and the best time, when electricity rates are lowest. Another program (MPS +) allows you to erase even at 20 ° C, without any loss of quality. In this case, you can safely put white linen with color and, again, to protect the precious kilowatts.

About the fact that this machine is compact, stylish and just feast for the eyes, do not say anything. It's still Candy. So stiralochku new for myself already ordered. After all, such a reliable partner in the economy is indispensable. "

Special project and Candy "Eat at Home!"

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