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Home Gyms, part 1

If the corner of the room settled down a formidable trainer, how can sport not do ?! , It is necessary to regularly engage in physical exercise to anything athletic in the house reminded him of himself.

Start small: balance. It is an inflatable disc, it is best to massage spikes on the surface.

Try to stand on it with bare feet for 5-10 minutes in the morning, while doing simple exercises. The need to maintain balance will involve both muscles and brain. And foot massage is generally a luxury! Skakalka It takes up little space, but it will enable the fun to jump at least 100 times. And for khulakhup your waist and hips will thank you. From the massage hoop (hula hoop) at first there are bruises, but the effect is more noticeable than from the usual one. Dumbbells you will need it if you want to build muscle. Collapsible dumbbells with variable weight are convenient.

For home strength training, you can adjust different expanders. And of course, it is worth remembering the existence horizontal bar. In every apartment you can find a doorway to the horizontal bar. If you simply occasionally hang on the crossbar, tired pozvonochnku become easier. A man is never harmful to catch up once again on the bar.

If the area of ​​the apartment is spacious enough, you can look at the side of the simulators. His presence can become an excuse for performing sports feats! Cardio equipment is steppery, velosimulators, Treadmills.

Of course, you do not need to strive to get everything at once. Select To start something one (eg, exercise bike), put it on the mind, and start regular exercise!




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