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Home Gyms, part 2

It is not always possible to regularly visit specialized gyms, this may be due to completely different factors - either a subscription is quite expensive, or there is no suitable institution at all in your area, or you may simply be uncomfortable with exercising surrounded by strangers.

.. Of course, this is not a reason to give up and give up physical training. You can easily equip yourself a suitable place at home!

The best place to train is a large room with a window. Remove foreign objects so that you can comfortably do the exercises while lying on the floor. You can buy everything you need for your sport at a sporting goods store, but this is unnecessary. All sports goods and equipment are always at hand. 

Mat... Fold a regular bedspread in half vertically. The fitness mat should not be too soft or hard.

Chair... The classic wooden chair is a great exercise machine. Thanks to him, you can perform a large number of exercises in which all muscle groups are involved.

Dumbbells... Take two empty drinking yogurt bottles with lids and fill them with sand, sea pebbles, or water, any material that might add stress.

Enjoy your training, friends!

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