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Frost resistance menu warms the body and soul

Despite the changeable mood of winter, we will not part with warm jackets, scarves and gloves soon. Although sometimes even they are not able to save from cold weather and bad weather. Therefore, many rightly ask the question: what to eat to keep warm?

Warmth from the deep sea

In order not to let themselves freeze, someone is actively involved in sports, and someone is wrapped up in their favorite soft blanket warmer. A correct diet with "warming" foods will help to reinforce these priority measures.

It is no secret that in winter our body suffers from a deficiency not only of heat and light, but also of many vitamins and microelements. One of them is iodine, the lack of which leads to malfunctions of the thyroid gland and, as a result, metabolic disorders. As it slows down, we begin to freeze. In this regard, the benefits of fatty fish are priceless, because they are rich in iodine and dozens of other useful substances. Also, all types of oily fish contain saturated omega-3 acids, which our brain, heart and nervous system constantly need.

So how do you cook oily fish to get the most out of it and keep warm at the same time? It is best to cook fish soup, for example, from sturgeon. To do this, thoroughly rinse the whole fish (1-15 kg), remove all mucus, gut and cut. The head and tail will go into the broth, which we first fill with water and bring to a boil. Then remove the foam and add 4 chopped potatoes, 1 carrot and 100 g of turnips. Add salt and spices to taste. Cook the fish soup over low heat for 40 minutes, then remove the head and tail, and put sturgeon cut into small pieces instead. We keep the soup on the fire for another 15 minutes from the moment of boiling, cover with a lid and let it brew. When serving, the ear can be garnished with herbs and a slice of lemon.   

The most winter dish

Pork chops are delicious and nutritious

Oily fish dishes are far from the only way to keep warm. Meat copes with this task just as well. It is full of potassium and magnesium, which our body has a constant need for, especially in winter. Choosing the best type of meat for warming, it is worth stopping at pork chop dishes. They are the most nutritious and delicious. In addition, they contain a large amount of iron, the lack of which leads to anemia and increased sensitivity to cold.

How to make delicious pork chops? First, cut 500 g of pork into 4-5 identical pieces, beat them well and rub with thyme and black pepper. After keeping them for some time in this mixture, fry in a hot pan with oil until golden brown. Meanwhile, chop 200 g of champignons, sprinkle with lemon juice and add 2 fresh tomatoes, diced. Season this mixture with salt, pepper and chopped garlic. Put a piece of fried pork on a sheet of foil, sprinkle with mushroom and tomato filling and wrap tightly. In this form, the pork will be baked in the oven for 20-30 minutes at a temperature of 200 ° C.

Hot Tips

For those who are especially sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and the slightest cold, doctors recommend stocking up on dried fruits, nuts or seeds

Here are some more simple food tricks to keep you warm in winter. Best of all, seaweed accelerates metabolism. After all, it is rich in iodine, which, as noted, maintains normal metabolism.

For those who are especially sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and the slightest cold, doctors recommend stocking up on dried fruits, nuts or seeds. All of them regulate blood circulation well, thereby maintaining a comfortable temperature for the body. A few almond kernels or date fruits per day should be sufficient.

Everyone knows that shaking is a signal that the body sends when it is cold. By contracting, the muscles provide us with the necessary heat, but for this, the internal reserves of energy need to be constantly replenished. To help your muscles do this better, you need to feed them protein. This can be not only fish or meat, but also beans, beans, boiled eggs or cottage cheese.

Various spices also contribute to rapid warming. They stimulate receptors in the digestive system and thus activate blood flow. As a result, we get additional heat. It is recommended to add a little cumin, curry or red pepper to the main and second courses. Cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger make a great winter warming drink. To do this, just add a pinch of these spices to regular black tea.

But strong alcohol is not the best ally in the fight against cold weather. It gives you warmth only after the first few sips. In the future, it only dulls the feeling of cold, while the body continues to experience stress. If the soul still asks for something intoxicating, make mulled wine based on dry red wine with aromatic spices.

These simple recommendations and recipes will help you survive the frosts safely and prevent them from darkening the wonderful winter mood. If you have your own cold-fighting secrets, let other readers know about them.    

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