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"Tailoring" as a gift from the House TOGAS textiles

Togas home textiles announces action "Tailoring a gift" in all boutiques Togas Couture Interiors with 15 30 September 2014 on year.

Home textiles Togas complimentary tailoring by individual ordering blinds, curtains and other textiles in the period with 15 30 by September all stores Togo Couture Interiors.

Togo Couture Interiors - Professional orientation Home textiles Togas in the field of interior design. Togas Couture is the world's best collections of fabrics, accessories, moldings and wallpaper and offer professional service, making curtains, covers, covers for cushions, upholstery and installation of eaves. Home textiles Togas collaborates with the leaders of the global textile decor market - Designer's Guild, Dedar, Sacho and other brands

Togas Couture Interiors offers comprehensive solutions for all projects starting with the development of project design and ending with the installation of decorative elements in the interior. Each piece of Togo Couture Interiors created in the single copy. Most fabrics are on our own warehouses, which reduces the time of execution of design projects to 21 days.

 Over the years 15 work in Russia Togo Couture Interiors created a strong team of professionals of the European level. Masters know the features of materials and the subtleties of working with them. On the website, Togas clients can use the new program, a virtual decorator - try yourself in the role of a designer and make your own project.

Home textiles Togas It combines the factories, warehouses, design studios and boutiques of finished products. In boutiques Togas can always choose bedding that will be a source of good mood, pillows and quilts with fillings made from natural and synthetic fibers, decor for the dining room, blankets and decorative pillows, bathrobes, towels and more.

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