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Utensils from FRYBEST - your loyal helpers in the kitchen

The culinary art is subject to everyone. And all you need to become a virtuoso chef in your own kitchen is a little inspiration, delicious fresh food and, of course, high-quality food.conviction.

The new generation of ceramic coated cookware from the company is ideal for this role. FRYBEST... Today, its products are rightfully considered the standard of impeccable quality, convenience and durability all over the world. Record sales in Europe, Asia and America are indisputable confirmation of this. More than a million Russian housewives have also appreciated this magnificent tableware.

One of the pearls FRYBEST - designer tableware collection ROUND... Its main advantage, however, like all other products of the company, is a harmonious combination of elegant, user-friendly design and unique technical developments that are invisible to the eye, but very effective in action. Bright colors - delicate sea blue and pink silk of rose petals - are embodied in the classic "bulbous" shapes and flowing lines. The cast aluminum lids are crowned with stylish pebble-shaped bosses.

The main secret of the dishes ROUND consists in an innovative ceramic coating Ecolon superior. It is an incredibly practical, environmentally friendly and durable material that is manufactured using the latest technology. "Smart" ceramics protect food from burning, as a result, they retain their useful properties. And the thickened bottom allows heat to be evenly distributed over the entire surface, while saving energy. It doesn't matter what you cook - everyday dishes for a regular lunch or an exquisite holiday menu according to the author's recipes - your every creation will always be 

tasty, healthy and appetizing. 

Another indisputable advantage of dishes ROUND - simplicity and ease of use. Functional handles and optimal weight allow you to easily maneuver the dishes during cooking and not be distracted by trifles. Thanks to the high-quality coating, it can be cleaned without the slightest effort, retains its impeccable appearance and effectiveness for many years.

With utensils ROUND the process of preparing a variety of dishes invariably turns into an exciting action that gives real pleasure, creates a positive mood and a sense of celebration.

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