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Dishwasher: a technique that brings

“I always laughed at those who sighed wistfully, saying that the love boat was breaking about life. In our family, life has been put on strong and high-tech rails, so everyday chores have no effect on family happiness.

This continued until one fateful day.

Once we arranged a festive dinner, called, as usual, a crowd of friends. My wife occupied the kitchen for the whole day. Prepares it does not convey how delicious, though after it always remains Jomolungma dirty dishes. The blessing for these purposes we have a dishwasher. As luck would have it this day, she decided to break down. A breakdown of the century was left for later - a pleasant evening awaited in front and enthusiastic praise of the guests. The next morning my wife ran off to work with a request to wash dishes and solve the problem with the car. He washed the dishes, as he could (the last time he did this ten years ago), and then went on business. He returned already in the evening, safely forgetting about the problem with the dishwasher.

A catastrophe of a universal scale burst out of the door. There was no point in defending myself, so I humbly had to listen to my wife's epic about how she washed the dishes after me. In the finale there was a warning: from now on I will eat pasties in the nearest canteen. When the storm had settled, I went surfing the internet in search of a new dishwasher. Salvation came in the form of Candy CDIM 5355. The model appealed to the outside, and the characteristics with reviews were impressive.

The very next day brought this miracle of technology back home, do not forget about the bouquet of flowers conciliatory. My wife saw a brand new car, at first tried to keep a joyous rush, but after a couple of minutes, jump to the ceiling with happiness.

Then she began to study the machine inside and out, occasionally uttering enthusiastic exclamations. It turned out that she has seven program sink and four heat settings. Why are so many, I'll never know, but my wife said, you can now forget about the burnt fat or corrosive scale. Particular it was pleased that the dishwashers have convenient shelf for glasses and cups and a separate basket for cutlery.


After dinner, cooked in a fit of joy, we decided to test the car. Loaded the dirty dishes, to my surprise, even the grate from the kitchen stove entered there without any problems. The intelligible prompts on the panel helped to figure everything out right away, the instructions were not even opened. As primitive people, we sat down near Candy and waited. The machine worked without noise and dust, or rather, without moisture. Unlike the previous unit, which screamed terribly and constantly flowed. 

Then they began to study the contents of the dishwasher with his wife. The fat pan was washed perfectly, all the plates were creaking with cleanliness, the glasses gleamed like new ones. And Candy herself dried all the dishes. By the way, I found that she had a special lock - so that the overcrowded basket with the plates did not fall out.

For the next week my wife praised her friends for a wonderful dishwasher, and at the same time me. Well, all sorts of goodies in the evening indulged. So I made a very pleasant discovery: sometimes life can strengthen marital feelings. And those who do not believe - Candy to help. "

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