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New products from Gorenje: a stylish embodiment of advanced technologies

Household appliances premium from the company Gorenje combines high technology, impeccable design, convenience and ease of use. Her story began in 1956, and today Gorenje - the leading European manufacturer of home appliances, whom they know and love in more than 60 countries around the world.

The concept of the brand has remained unchanged for decades: to develop innovative solutions and create excellent household appliances on their basis. At the same time, bright ideas find an organic expression in the most elegant and stylish forms. That's why every new Gorenje always becomes an event.

PERFECTION IN EVERY DAY, in a new collection from Gorenje!

HomeCHEF Oven: Jack of all trades

HomeCHEF - This is a modern oven, tablet computer and cookbook in one device. Its main advantage lies in the unique touch control using an interactive color LCD display, developed by Gorenje. Today it is the most advanced technology in the world.

HomeCHEF Oven has a lot of advantages. The STEPbake program allows you to set up to three consecutive cooking stages with different temperatures, heating mode and duration. Having created your own culinary scenario, you can save it in the memory of the oven and reproduce it exactly at any time. Another practical PRObake program will delight sophisticated chefs, for whom the slightest nuances of cooking and total control are important. However, for those who make the first steps in the culinary field, HomeCHEF will be a real lifesaver. The SIMPLEbake program with an interactive display offers a choice of 9 categories of the most common dishes that are cooked in the oven. Based on generally accepted standards, a smart oven will prompt the necessary steps to create the perfect dish. Another program AUTObake will determine the optimal parameters for the preparation of 65 dishes from the main categories of 10. Select the desired group, specify the amount of product, the degree of heat treatment and the end of cooking time. The rest of the work will take over HomeCHEF. And with the MYbake program you can create your own cookbook, saving individual settings and favorite recipes. Program memory is enough for 150 dishes from different categories.

Innovative Oven Touch Control HomeCHEF allows you to always achieve excellent results, while saving a lot of free time and effort.


Steam Oven: Clean Performance

Ovens Steam - an invaluable find for those who adhere to a healthy diet, because they use steam for cooking. The purest fine steam is evenly distributed inside the oven, not settling on the baking dish. Thanks to the latest technology products preserve vitamins and minerals in full. And ready-made dishes acquire a delicious aroma, they turn out to be more appetizing, juicy and tasty. 

Selecting the desired temperature regime, you can perfectly cook a variety of dishes, whether fish, meat or pastries. In the oven Steam You can bake any vegetables, preserving their delicate structure and natural color, as well as prepare delicious thin pita bread. A special mode will help to defrost foods and prepare them for future use.

The Descaling program automatically determines the ratio between the hardness of the water and its actual flow. At the right moment, the oven will signal the need to activate this function. After that, you need to apply a special anti-scale agent to the surface and select this program. The cleaning process will take no more than an hour, and as a result the oven will be as good as new.

Complete with an oven there are two baking sheets, the wire grid and the additional tank for water. With their help, you can cook at the same time several dishes at different levels. All baking trays are made of high-grade steel and easily fit in a dishwasher. And as always, the design of the oven admires the clarity and harmony of the lines.


IQook cooktop: the technology of the future today

IQook cooktop - This is an innovative technology in the service in your kitchen. It is designed on the basis of modern induction panels of the new generation XtremePower of increased power. The unique IQ sensors integrated into the induction hobs and on the lids of the dishes automatically regulate the temperature and heating power. This ensures absolute control and safety of cooking.

SmartSense function prevents food from sticking and boiling over. It should be at least a small amount of liquid to get to the surface of the stove, IQ sensors immediately recognize it and automatically turn off the hob. Program Iqgril allows you to choose the right degree of roasting, from the lowest for vegetables to the most intensive for meat steaks. At the same time, each product is cooked evenly, retains tasty juices and delicate structure. And even capricious dishes like pasta, risotto or soup are perfect thanks to the function Iqboil. Since their preparation requires a large amount of water, the contents of the pan are first gently brought to a boil, and then continue to cook in the most optimal mode.

Program Iqsteam allows you to cook a couple of dishes of any complexity, while maintaining the natural taste, pleasant aroma and maximum nutrients. Great news for thrifty housewives. Due to the fact that the hob independently regulates the temperature, you can save up to 40% of the electricity consumed.

Innovative technologies created by the company  Gorenje, are designed to turn routine household chores into an exciting and enjoyable process. Each new product under this brand makes you feel like a skillful chef in your own kitchen. A great design, thought out to the smallest detail, fits perfectly into any interior and will delight you every day. 

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