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Christmas gift vanity

There comes a hot time for gifts in the frosty time and it's time to take care of what to give to your friends for the holiday. To avoid the mass bustle of 30 and 31 shopping in December, when there are so many people in shopping centers that there is no place to go, it is better to take care of what to donate in advance.

And in order not to go out in such weather at all, it is better to make the gifts come to you yourself.

We decided to help avoid suffering, headaches, and also make your fantasy life easier and make a brief overview of the gifts that your loved ones will surely like. We specifically made a selection of completely different products - for different audiences, age and professions, so that you can find something for your mother, husband or nephew.

Let's start with the fact that the New Year is, above all, a holiday, mood and fun pastime. So, noting it is necessary to create a friendly atmosphere, gather best friends, break away to the full extent. Well, when the peak of New Year's celebrations subsides a bit, it's time to play various cool board games. Such as "The most drinking game" (by the way, a great way to delay this very peak of the New Year celebration) or the "Casino" set.

And for lovers of mental activity (although what kind of mental activity in the New Year ?!), an excellent solution is the multi-sets of “Profi” games from 5 and 7 types, respectively.

Most parents associate the New Year with childhood, everyone wants to please their child with something unusual, because greater happiness than the smile on the face of their child is difficult to find. And in order to arouse this joy, we offer as a gift to a child toys with a warm heart and funny little hand warmers, which can be very useful when it is -20 on the street.


Inside each toy a bag is built in that it is enough to heat up in the microwave for 1 minutes, insert it into the toy and enjoy the heat. A hot-water bottle is equipped with a special gel that crystallizes, which creates the effect of heat when it comes into contact with the metal plate inside.

It's time to take care of yourself - for example, to pamper yourself on New Year's day with wonderful slippers, which are also heated in the microwave and keep warm for at least an hour.

You can please the older generation with beautiful sets of white porcelain, which will certainly become a worthy decoration of the New Year, and subsequently the Christmas table. Another feature is compactness: the cups are inserted into each other, thus creating a kind of tower-cactus design.

For corporate gifts - to colleagues, the chief, the bookkeeper, etc. not bad fit strict covers, business card holders, wallets, stylish passport covers.

To refresh your home interior for the New Year - a very stylish solution - the original clock. Do not miss the President’s New Year’s address, open the champagne in time, make a wish and go ahead to the 2013 meeting!

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