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Christmas gifts with his own hands: 15 bright ideas

In total some two weeks separate us from the magic of the holiday. So, it's time to collect a bag of gifts on New Year's Eve for family and friends. We offer a pleasant approach this mission creatively.

Good luck monkey

Treat all those who love the mascot for the New Year - crafts monkeys with their hands. And at the same time appease the shaggy patron. The easiest way to artistically cut them out of colored paper and cardboard, decorated with sequins and tinsel. Funny monkeys also can make of chestnuts, cones, colorful socks, buttons and beads. Handstitched case for phone in the form of a monkey - is another good option.

Funny curls

Quilling Christmas tree

Incredibly popular simple crafts out of paper in the New Year with their hands in quilling techniques. Volumetric composition of twisted pieces of paper in a spiral look very festive. A little work-out in this uncomplicated art, you'll be able to create a festive Christmas trees, colorful garlands, lush snowflake, Christmas balls and funny animals. Everything you do in the technique of quilling, can be stuck on a postcard with a greeting.

Soul messages

New Year's card with own hands

As kids we enthusiastically cut the original cards in the New Year with their own hands for the family. Such souvenirs, supplemented by warm words always touched deeply. Come up with an unusual framework for the cardboard cards. Decorate her patterns of all, that there is a home: colored threads and ribbons, scraps of fabric and bows, rhinestones and sequins, artificial flowers, and herbarium.

Moments of happiness

DIY cardboard and paper frame

A DIY photo frame is the best craft for the New Year. A cardboard base with a stand is easy, just think in advance how big you want the frame, and only then cut it out! And then let your imagination run wild. The frame can be decorated with pebbles, small shells, twigs, eggshells, coins, coffee beans and even pieces of old CDs. Every time, looking at a photo in a frame, your loved ones will remember the pleasant moments of life with a smile.

Knitted Miracles

Cozy knitted cover on a cup

You know how to wield or crocheted? Then you have to please the favorite knitted crafts for the New Year with their own hands. Beautiful soft scarf or cozy mittens times they will warm this winter. If time is not enough, tie bag per cup, funny animal, keychain or ornament on the Christmas tree. It is these cute little things fill our house magical warmth.

The kingdom of felt

Photo: pinterest. Felt Christmas trees

Interesting crafts for the New Year with their hands obtained from felt. With the help of ready-made patterns, which in excess is on the Internet, you can do it without much difficulty. Volume cones, stars, hearts and balls of colored ribbons will fit perfectly into the interior of the New Year. And if you show a little diligence, his good-natured inhabit hares, squirrels, deer, bullfinch and other fabulous animals.

Perina of bright dreams

Photo: pinterest. Christmas pillow

Pillow - a beautiful and practical gift for the New Year, made with his own hands. Adv ordinary pillowcase green triangles, snowflakes and stars - you'll have a festive pillow with Christmas trees. Intercept her wide bright ribbons, tie a bow and add a lush large beads. You can also make Christmas applique separately and then carefully sew it to the pillowcase.

Sweet treasures

Photo: pinterest. Chocolate chest

Treat children sweet gift for the New Year with their own hands. Grease a round wooden base with honey and sprinkle with crumbs of biscuit. On this sandy island Construct chest of chocolate bars, fastened them with melted chocolate. Fit the handle of liquorice and flagella priporoshit trunk dry cocoa. Fill it with sweet medals in gold wrappers, shiny candy and colored candies, and this treasure baby will be delighted.

Sculpture in miniature

Photo: pinterest. Polymer clay snowman

By the way, kids can be safely called to the creative workshop. After all, gifts for the New Year with children's hands are touched endlessly. Together you can easily make a snowman out of polymer clay. Charge your child to make balls for the body, and do the small details yourself. Fasten them, add a nose with a carrot, a hat with a scarf and send them to bake according to the instructions. And when the snowman cools down, draw a funny face, although you can also make eyes out of clay, and you can gently squeeze a smile and eyebrows with a toothpick or a special knife for polymer clay. 

Fairy tale inside

Photo: pinterest. Snow balls from cans

Snow globe - one of the most popular Christmas gifts with their own hands. Take a round jar with a lid and stick to it waterproof glue a small figurine. The bank itself pour multicolored sequins, pour water and 100-150 ml of glycerol. It will create the effect of falling snow. Tighten the cap previously missed its edges with glue. This magic ball will please you all the holidays.

Christmas tree lights

Photo: pinterest. Christmas toys from light bulbs

From the most seemingly useless things you can make original gifts for the New Year with your own hands. From old light bulbs, for example, turn out unusual Christmas-tree toys. Treat the glass with acetone, cover with white acrylic paint and paint with bright patterns. Decorate your art with beads, and attach a fishing line to the base. Among the pine feet, such decorations look very elegant. You can also make miniature snowmen, Santa Claus or funny animals from light bulbs. 

Eternal snowflakes

Photo: pinterest. Decorated plastic bottle snowflake

Snowflakes from plastic bottles - an interesting Christmas decorations with their own hands. Cut the bottom of a stationery knife in local recesses make cuts and handle sharp edges with sandpaper. That will have a flower with five petals. Lubricate it in colorless nail polish and sprinkle with glitter. Exterior colors shall describe the bedplate. Attach a loop of ribbon snowflake - unusual decor with your hands ready.

Sparkling decor

Photo: pinterest. Decorated Champagne Bottles

Are you going to give your friends a bottle of champagne? Bright decor will turn it into an original gift for the New Year with your own hands. Quickly treat the bottle with glue and carefully roll in gold powder or multi-colored confetti. Tie a ribbon with a bow on top and hang a large striped candy cane on it. And on the cork you can throw a red Santa Claus cap out of felt.  

Holiday flavor

Herringbone handmade soap

Handmade soap is a good gift idea for the New Year with your own hands. We melt 25 of white soap, pour in green dye and 5 of fir oil drops. Give the mass to harden in a plate and cut out a Christmas tree with a cookie cutter for 2 cookies. Melt another 60 g of soap, we introduce a pink dye, glitter and oil of pine. At the bottom of the form for soap we put one herringbone, fill it with a pink base and put the second herringbone. Sprinkle soap with alcohol and let it harden. The easiest option to make a festive soap is to melt the soap of green color, pour it into the children's molds in the form of Christmas trees and let it frost. 

Melodious souvenir

Photo: pinterest. Making the “Wind Music” pendant with our own hands

Jingling suspension "Music of the Wind" with his own hands - one of the best gifts for the New Year. As a basis we can take a small flower pot or a thick branch. With white yarn secure her all sorts of details:.. Mother of pearl beads, decorative coins, bells, angels, figurines, door keys, etc. Their quiet carillon will create a sense of celebration.

Surprise your loved ones for the New Year with do-it-yourself gifts. The knick-knacks with which the shop windows are crammed with nothing can compare with them. Especially if you put a piece of soul in your gifts. 

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