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New Year's table with a twist

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The most pressing question today is what will be on the New Year's table. Dishes, drinks, treats, hot and cold snacks, fruit and sweet pastries. Well, of course, salads. We have collected TOP-14 stylish kitchen utensils that will help you shine in the new year in front of guests.

With the help of such dishes you will stylishly decorate the New Year's table, instead of the banal, boring grandmother's salad bowls and services. It only remains to show culinary excellence in all its glory.

Salads, salads and salads again. Mandatory attribute on each New Year's table. Traditional salad "Olivier" can be served in a simple plate, or in a creative salad bowl "Sparrow" made from environmentally friendly food plastic.

Triple dish for serving. Very compact option. Allows you to fit in one dish three kinds of delicacies. Moreover, the most different - from chips and nuts to sauce and salad.

Since we are talking about the sauce - the sauce “Wild duck” is an original find for serving mustard and tkemali, sour cream sauce or scabeli sauce, ketchup or tomato paste. Set of white porcelain, spoon included.

The second most popular attribute of the New Year's table is mandarins. They can be found everywhere - and under the tree and just on the table. But it is better if they flaunt along with other fruits in a stylish vase for fruit "loop".

At each table should always be salt and pepper. This is the law. And if it will be "Pencils", "Mrs. salt and Mr. Pepper", a set of "Orbit" or even a salt shaker in the form of a cactus of your originality will envy any.


In addition, the New Year’s version is the “Snowman” salt shaker. There is, however, only salt, without pepper.

The third integral element of the New Year's table is champagne. In general, alcoholic beverages - wines, liqueurs, rum, whiskey and more. The main thing - do not mix! And it is possible to present beautifully in original and convenient holders for wine.

Few for whom the New Year's feast ends with a quiet tea party. The most popular is “face in salad”. But the next day, at the end of the New Year's frenzy, it's time to sit in a quiet company, drink tea, chat on emotional topics, watch New Year's films ... Stylish tea sets will help to brighten up your tea drinking.

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