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Waiting for a miracle: bright ideas for Christmas gifts from "! Eat at Home" and Julia Vysotsky

Very soon the pleasant New Year chores will immerse us into its vortex. To search for gifts for family and friends did not turn into a crazy marathon in the last days of the year, to reflect on the interesting ideas worth now.

  Affectionate and delicate textiles

Any good housewife knows that a gift should be original, beautiful and practical. Kitchen textiles meet these criteria exactly. Cozy soft cushions for chairs, colored jacquard pot holders, refined coasters for hot dishes, comfortable elegant aprons - without these pleasant little things, the household is like no hands. In addition, they fill the home interior with warmth and charm. In the store of the Culinary Studio of Julia Vysotskaya you will find a wide selection of these and many other accessories for the kitchen.

In addition, there are luxurious tablecloths with elaborate patterns for every taste. With their help, you can easily turn the table setting into a real work of art. And due to the fact that the tablecloths are made of organic cotton and treated with a special impregnation, they will delight you indefinitely. 

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Cold Arsenal Culinary

Kitchen utensils, in particular functional knives, are a valuable and extremely useful gift that will be happy to receive both a large friendly family and single cooks who experiment tirelessly in the kitchen. Any professional chef will confirm that different products require different knives. After all, it is with their help that you can bring to life a lot of little tricks and make your favorite dishes even more tasty. Not sure how to choose the right knives? Visit the site of the corporate store of Julia Vysotsky. Here you will find universal cooking, boning and cutting knives, blades for cleaning and cutting, models for meat, vegetables and bread, as well as wonderful kitchen scissors. Each knife is made of high-strength steel, equipped with an ergonomic handle and has a thoughtful design. That is why cooking with them is a real pleasure.  

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Tasty Enlightenment

The book is the best gift, especially a book about cooking. Do you have gourmet friends going crazy in Italy? Give them Yulia Vysotskaya's book “In Search of Tiramisu”. This fascinating gastronomic guide tells a lot of secrets of famous Italian dishes. The book "365 recipes for every day" will be a reading fiction for those who are just discovering the wonderful world of cooking. It contains hundreds of recipes of dishes that are prepared from the most affordable products.


Young mothers will probably find the book "Cooking for Children" useful. This is a real encyclopedia of healthy, tasty and original recipes for children of all ages. Valuable advice from Yulia Vysotskaya, repeatedly tested in practice, will help please even the most capricious fussy. And adherents of proper nutrition simply need the book "Recipes for a Healthy and Active Life". In it, they will find a lot of ways to combine business with pleasure. 

In addition, the new books by Yulia Vysotskaya “365 of salads and snacks for every day”, “Sunday breakfasts” and “Kitchen - the heart of the house” appeared on the market.


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Sweet dreams in reality 

Who said that giving food for the holidays is not comme il faut? Remember how children are happy about magic boxes with chocolates, gingerbread and giant candy. Adults have a sweet tooth, too, do not mind getting a gift of unusual treats. Delicious handmade milk chocolate with generous pieces of strawberries and pecans - an exquisite gift that will delight them. Delicate velvety honey soufflé in a beautiful jar is created for special occasions.

New Year's holidays are an excellent occasion to indulge your loved ones with this beautiful dessert. And those who love to create their own masterpieces of sweet masterpieces can be presented with an original set for preparing a bird cherry cake. Present it for the New Year, you will have every chance to taste the delicious Christmas cake. You can find these and other sweet gifts on the site of the shop of the Culinary Studio of Yulia Vysotskaya. 

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Symphony of spicy flavors

Sophisticated cooks, in whose hands exclusively culinary masterpieces are born, need a special gift. They may well be a unique set of spices. This is the smallest touch that can transform the taste of dishes beyond recognition and give them a unique highlight. And although the choice of various seasonings today is unusually wide, high-quality and regular spices, ideal for various recipes, are very rare.

In the store of the Culinary Studio of Julia Vysotskaya, you will find specially selected sets for a variety of dishes. Here are the spices for beef, lamb and pork, broths and poultry, as well as unusual sets of peas and chili peppers of different varieties. Lovers of homemade desserts will appreciate the set of spices for delicious pastries. Such sets look elegant and spectacular, so they are ideal for a New Year's gift. 

Finding gifts for relatives is a pleasant and fascinating process. The main thing is to find the very gift that will touch them to the depths of the soul. You must admit that there is nothing more pleasant in the world than the happy smiles and sparkling eyes of those we love.  

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New Year's sets from Julia Vysotskaya are the best gift

On the eve of the New Year, the corporate online store of Yulia Vysotskaya “Eat at Home” prepared a festive offer for its customers! Now on the site you can order as a gift to friends and family one of the special Christmas sets: “Delicious pastries”, “French cuisine”, “Cooking with love”, “Tea ceremony” and “Book collection”. A gift from Julia Vysotsky is a thematically formed holiday box that will surely please any hostess! All sets are subject to a special price, so it’s impossible to miss such an offer! 

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