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Is it possible to lose weight by using drugs?

weight loss problem of concern to many, and one of the ways considered medical. Can you really lose weight with the help of pills? This question is answered by Dr. Boris Akimov.

One of my patients said that she lost weight using Chinese pills.

She assured that they contain worm eggs, which, once in the gastrointestinal tract, eat part of the food, and the person loses weight. I have not believed in legends from medicine for a long time and am looking for a rational explanation for everything. Moreover, when a person is affected by parasites, weight loss as a symptom is in last place.

What is the effect of Chinese tablets, and why they are sold with such a "terrible" legend?

Excess fat in the body is formed when the amount of energy consumed with food exceeds its consumption. That is, when we eat more than our physiological processes require. Drugs can be designed to decrease appetite or increase in metabolic processes.

In the middle of the last century, such a remedy - reducing appetite and increasing performance - was found, it was amphetamine, and it immediately became popular. But the trouble is - it turned out to be a drug. Actually, any narcotic substance reduces appetite and increases metabolism. This is how nicotine works, for example. Therefore, the smoker, giving up his addiction, begins to gain weight.

Attempts to replace amphetamine with analog drugs, for example, phenfluramine, did not lead to anything - they caused various side effects, sometimes fatal ones. The drugs were banned for use, including in Russia and China, so you have to disguise them and come up with horrible stories about worms in the stomach.

Modern medicine offers two drugs for weight correction: anoretik (anorectic) subutramin (Meridia) and blocker of fat in the intestine, orlistat (Xenical). Clinical studies of subutramine in the US showed a maximum weight loss of 7,4% during - just do not fall off the chair - 24 weeks! If you have a normal drug tolerance (one out of every five people throws a medication because of side effects, read the instructions - it will not seem a little!), You will lose 7% of weight.

With orlistat even more interesting. It binds the fats consumed with food in the intestines, preventing them from being absorbed. They ate a piece of sausage - the protein was digested and went to the good of the body, and all the fat out. Great idea!

Two-year clinical studies have shown: taking orlistat during the first year yielded a 10% weight loss. And taking a placebo - a pill similar to orlistat, but without drugs - allowed us to reduce weight over the year by 6%. Victory in the form of 4% for orlistat.

The second year showed the following results: taking orlistat gave an increase in weight of 2,5%. In general, a two-year intake of the drug gave a result of 6,5%. In addition, he lowered blood cholesterol. A very important indicator.

Side effects? Fats, without being digested in the intestines, quickly go out, making the stool liquid. Bloating, gas, frequent and uncontrolled bowel movements! In a decent society with such problems is not worth showing up.

And most importantly: weight is reduced or not gained only while taking drugs.

Alas, pharmacology is powerless before obesity!

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