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Nuts - a storehouse of vitamins winter

Relive the last month of winter and indefinite offseason want healthy and full of energy. The energy it needs to draw from all available sources, so the diet must always include nuts. What are the nuts have the winter to recharge the maximum nutrients?

Brain food

To argue about which nuts are more vitamins, it is meaningless, because they are all rich in vital elements in shock doses. For example, walnut contains a full-fledged vegetable protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, a whole complex of amino acids and minerals. The main vitamins in walnuts are A, E, F, B vitamins. Therefore, with beriberi, such nuts are irreplaceable. They well stimulate the brain and thyroid, improve memory and relieve nervous tension, and thanks to potassium and magnesium have a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels. However, there are also disadvantages. Walnut is a product that is allergenic and very high in calories. So use it is recommended moderately, no more than 5 pieces per day. With chronic colitis and acute intestinal diseases, this nut is contraindicated.

Rejuvenation inside and out

Almond oil has a rejuvenating effect, so it can be used for homemade cosmetic masks.

Almond is another champion in the content of nutrients. What vitamins in almonds are most needed in winter? It, certainly, vitamin E which actively struggles with free radicals and interferes with disintegration of cells. It improves the condition of the skin and hair weakened by the long cold months. By the way, almond oil has a rejuvenating effect, so it can be used for home cosmetic masks. Almonds will also help with a strong cough. To do this, you need to crush several cores and mix them with 1 tsp. honey. And this nutlet also fights insomnia very well. However, eat almonds in food carefully. The daily norm should not exceed 10 nuclei, because the prussic acid contained in it can cause serious poisoning in large quantities. High caloric intake is also an excuse not to lean on almonds too hard.

Cell generator

Pine nuts are superior to their counterparts in the content of phospholipids - the elements necessary for the formation of new cells and strengthen the immune system

Trace elements and vitamins of pine nuts contained in 50 g of this delicacy are the optimal daily portion of nutrients for our body. First of all, these are several dozen different amino acids that enrich us with an easily digestible protein. Pine nuts surpass their counterparts in the content of phospholipids - elements necessary for the formation of new cells and strengthening the immune system. These nuts also improve thyroid function and normalize cholesterol levels. It is useful to gnaw them in their pure form and add them to winter recipes for dishes with nuts. For example, you can make a warm salad of chicken breast, Chinese cabbage, and olives with a sauce made from olive oil, mustard, yolks, and balsamic vinegar. A handful of fried pine nuts will add a bright touch to the dish. Caution in relation to them should be shown to people with excess weight, diseases of the liver and biliary tract. 

To help immunity

Hazelnuts effectively cleanse the liver of toxins and prevents putrefactive processes

The hazel, or hazelnut, is another representative of nuts with a mass of merits. It is rich in flavonoids, organic acids, necessary for the harmonious work of all body systems. The content of vitamins in these nuts is also off scale. They contain vitamins B, C, D, E, PP and K. Particularly useful hazelnut for smooth muscles of the heart and blood vessels, as it increases their elasticity. It is shown also with weakened immunity and diseases of the bronchi, which is especially important in the season of colds. And it effectively cleanses the liver of toxins and prevents putrefactive processes. Diabetics and those who have problems with the liver, it is better not to get involved in hazelnut. All the others should observe the recommended rate - no more than 30-50 g of nuts per day. For excessive love will have to pay with headache, discomfort in the intestines, and in the long run - with extra kilograms.

Gifts from the ground

It’s best to eat dried peanuts.

The richness of the composition of peanuts is not inferior to other nuts, although the level of fats in it is somewhat lower. What vitamins are found in nuts, which are actually beans and grow underground? Thiamin, riboflavin, choline, as well as vitamins C and E, that is, the standard cocktail that the body needs in winter. In a peanut there is a lot of zinc which supports immunity in a tone. It is also saturated with linoleic acid, which prevents the development of atherosclerosis. In addition, it is full of antioxidants, slowing down the destruction of healthy cells and hinder the development of cancer. It is best to eat dried peanuts. Raw or overcooked can cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. The main thing is to observe the measure and in a day to eat no more than 60 g of cores. But for allergy sufferers, suffering from gout and arthritis, peanuts are banned.

Nuts have concentrated in themselves the main qualities necessary for our body in the winter. But do not forget that the benefits and harm of nuts is determined by their quantity. So nut therapy should be not only in joy, but also in moderation. 

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