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Three colors of chocolate

Not so long ago, in our language, a new, unpronounceable word - shokoladogolik. So call themselves by those who find it difficult to give up your favorite foods, even in the name of the most proven diet! And whether you need to give up? The beneficial properties of chocolate says Dr. Boris Akimov.

Chocolate - the drink of the gods. Why drink? For the Aztecs, to acquaint the lucky adventurer Cortez with chocolate, drinking a hot drink consisting of cocoa, honey, vanilla and pepper.

Chocolate - a particular product, it has a nourishing, toning and anti-depressive properties. That is why it has long been included in the diet of people, work and life are related to high loads and stress - from couriers Aztec and Spanish partisans to modern pilots. I'm in the car is always a bar of chocolate - they are well supported by long journeys, one tile Energize for a few hours, and do not tend to sleep, especially during night driving.


Nutritional properties due to high calorie chocolate contained therein oil and sugar and cocoa not: in dry cocoa no more than 50 kcal per 100 g, and good chocolate contains 546 kcal - ten times more!

Tonic and antidepressant properties are mainly associated with the content of theobromine in chocolate, caffeine, phenylethylamine, serotonin. Generally, the cocoa beans contained in practically all of the vitamins and minerals needed by the body. The universal medicine. And, like real medicine, bitter - "chokolatl" in the Aztec "bitter water."

Confectioners offer three types of chocolate: dark (bitter), milk and white. Dark chocolate contains at least 50% cocoa, milk - by up to 30 50%, and does not contain any white at all. This is not surprising, because the cocoa dark brown (chocolate) color, and if the product is brown, it is not chocolate!

The more cacao in chocolate, the more health benefits. In addition to toning and anti-depressive properties of chocolate has the ability to improve the activity of the brain, cardiovascular system and normalizes metabolism. Yes, chocolate, black, of course, do not get fat, on the contrary, in addition, a lot of dark chocolate to eat is not so easy! The king Montezuma drank at least 30 cups of chocolate per day, because it had a large harem. So chocolate is also a great aphrodisiac.

I am not aware of the harmful properties of cocoa to human health, except for individual intolerance, so never deny yourself the pleasure to eat a bar of dark chocolate. With milk careful - there are a lot of sugar, and not too lean on chocolates, chocolate bars especially beware - there is more sugar (caramel) and less cocoa.

Do not feed your pet chocolate - theobromine, have beneficial effects on the human body, can cause toxic effects in animals.

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