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What could be easier to prepare than the egg? Boil it or make an omelette can anyone, even a very incompetent chef. The fact whether this will bring breakfast benefit our health, our nutritionist says Oleg Vladimirov.

Everyone knows that fried eggs are fried eggs in a frying panwhy did Pushkin, in a letter to Sobolevsky, advise: “Order yourself macaroni with parmazan in Tver, yes yaishnitsu boil"? Immediately reminded of poached eggs, but here we are talking about something else.

Most of the dishes in Russia were cooked in the oven, most often in already heated, cooling. The recipe, which has since Pushkin, about the eggs, milk, butter, a little flour and salt thoroughly whisk, pour into a ceramic dish and keep the cooling of the Russian stove a couple of hours. It turns out very tasty. Lovers of all kinds of additives in the experiments are not limited by anything, the result is vaguely reminiscent of scrambled eggs with a crust from the microwave.

Eggs in Russia was revered as the source of life and since ancient times painted and painted during the pagan celebrations of spring, with the adoption of Christianity as dyed and painted eggs for Easter was tied. This tradition gradually adopted our neighbors - Lithuanians, Latvians, Hungarians, Slovaks ...

Science explores the eggs for a long time and thoroughly, and the results of these studies have confirmed the popular practice - eggs, subjected to heat treatment, useful raw. In raw eggs contain substances that prevent the absorption of vitamins. In addition salmonella, leading to serious and dangerous diseases, lives on the surface of the egg, and before use they must be carefully and gently wash, preferably with soda or vinegar.

Cholesterol is, about which recently was hysterical in the scientific community is now almost rehabilitated. It turned out that with a decrease in its level in the body, the level of depression significantly increases, and the participation of cholesterol in the development of atherosclerosis is not so unambiguous. In eggs, however, a large amount of cholesterol is leveled by an abundance of lecithin and vitamins. Selenium found in eggs has powerful antioxidant properties. Niacin provides nutrition to the brain.

Better breakfast than eggs until they invented - they are absorbed by the body almost completely! Recently, as an experiment compared the utility for breakfast with oatmeal and breakfast with eggs. Won eggs! One would like, together with the ancient Romans to exclaim AB OVO - the idiomatic expression meaning "from the beginning"!

As for eggs, most often cooked the most simple, the one that is called egg. It turns out that the eye has become part of a person only in the end of XVI - early XVII centuries. Until that time, the word "eye" means "ball kruglyash stone" that, by analogy with the appearance of a fried egg, and gave it the name. In Russia, due to the small size of eggs fried eggs was not considered a "serious" dish, hard work assumed a rough and high-calorie food. Fried eggs to feed the children, it was served on holidays.

Doctors say that regular consumption of eggs helps to keep fit, improve health and increase mental capacity. You can safely eat eggs every day and not be afraid for your weight - the calorie content of fried eggs from one egg is only 85 Kcal. Canadian scientists have found that fried eggs are beneficial for hypertensive patients - they mimic the action of special substances that stabilize blood pressure. The principle of action is as follows: when they come into contact with enzymes in the stomach, eggs supply a protein that blocks angiotensin, a hormone that causes narrowing of blood vessels and an increase in pressure. At the same time, fried eggs block angiotensin better than boiled ones!

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