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Beautiful make-up for the New Year

In the New Year's Eve I want everything to be special, including ourselves. And for that you need to consider in great detail not only an evening dress and a perfect hairstyle and beautiful makeup for New Year.

   Beauty strategy

When creating charming, irresistible makeup, professional advice will not be superfluous. First of all, it should be in harmony with your outfit. It is best to combine them on the basis of contrast. For a catchy, revealing dress, soft laconic makeup is suitable. A suit in a restrained color scheme will advantageously complement a bold spectacular make-up.

The emphasis is on one detail - this elementary truth works here as well. Do you want to sharpen your eyes? Then choose a neutral lipstick or use a dull lip gloss. If your lips are adorned with bright lipstick, your eye makeup should be calm and delicate. 

How to do makeup for the New Year so that it looks perfect? Get your skin in order now by visiting a beautician or having a spa at home. Try to get rid of acne, flaking, swelling and other imperfections by the holidays. Natural beauty and healthy skin are the key to a perfect look.

Night-long makeup

To make the shadows lie evenly and last a long time, slightly powder your eyelids.

Another pressing question is how to make festive makeup so that it remains perfect throughout New Year's Eve? First, wash with cosmetic milk or a mild scrub. Massage your face with ice cubes and apply a moisturizer when the moisture is absorbed.

Next, apply a make-up base, and after a couple of minutes, a foundation. They hide unevenness and give the face a natural shade. To make the shadows lie evenly and last a long time, slightly powder the eyelids. It is advisable that the mascara in makeup for New Year's Eve is waterproof. Paint over lashes from base to ends - this will prevent mascara from falling off prematurely. Choose waterproof eyeliner too.

Lips should be lubricated with balm or a thin layer of cream. Apply lipstick with a special brush from the center of the lips to the corners, let dry and lightly powder. This will set the lipstick on your lips without fading overnight.

Dazzling trends

Another great makeup tip is to use a shimmer blush.

Now let's talk about makeup trends and the most popular colors for the coming year. Although naturalness still dominates, on New Year's Eve it gives way to eccentricity and light shocking. After all, these qualities are inherent in the fiery Monkey. At the same time, it is important to observe the measure so as not to merge with the New Year's decor.

Pink, gold and brown shades are good choices. Cool tones, from sky blue to deep violet, are also relevant, especially if they are metallic. Fiery colors are for the young and daring, so use them sparingly.

But everyone can experiment with sparkles. For fair skin, choose a silver or cream glitter. On dark skin, pink or bronze sparkles look spectacular. Another great makeup tip is to use a shimmer blush. These tiny shiny particles will make your makeup look radiant but not flashy.

Snow Queen's Gaze

The Snow Maiden's makeup for the New Year invariably attracts admiring glances

An expressive look is the highlight of any makeup. How to beautifully apply shadows and achieve the desired effect? Take the eyeshadow in three different shades, but in the same range. Chocolate and metallic tones are suitable for blondes and light-haired, for brunettes and brown-haired women - blue and burgundy, red - golden and sand. Apply the darkest tone to the outer edge of the upper and lower eyelids. Paint over the middle part with an intermediate tone. Cover the inner corners with light shadows. At the end, blend the borders between the colors and paint over the eyelashes with regular mascara.  

The Snow Maiden's makeup for the New Year invariably attracts admiring glances. Use pearlescent purple or plum eyeshadow in the same way. With a dark pencil, draw a thin, graceful arrow above the upper eyelid, go over the lower eyelid and blend the line. Paint your eyelashes with blue or lilac mascara. Finally, decorate the edge of the lower eyelid with tiny rhinestones.

Delicate wildness

We wish you bright reincarnations and an unforgettable New Year's Eve

The Fire Monkey is a passionate nature and the festive bright makeup Smokey Ice will approve without hesitation. Draw the thick arrows on the upper eyelid. Draw the lower eyelid with a black pencil and blend both lines. Next, apply charcoal black shadows to the eyelid, and a little higher - dark blue. Blend the borders between them well. Put some silvery eyeshadow under the lower lid and above the brow line and blend it too. Apply a generous amount of black mascara to your lashes.

Refined delicate makeup for this New Year is quite appropriate. Line up the lower eyelid with a white pencil. The base color of the shadows will also be white. Pair it with pink or blue shades, applying them to the crease of the eyelid and its upper part. Use a soft black pencil to draw wide arrows and blend them to blend in the shadows on the crease. With black eyeliner, draw a thin arrow curving upward. The final touch is black mascara on the eyelashes.  

You will find a detailed technique for performing any makeup for this New Year, a photo for it and step-by-step tips on the Internet. We wish you bright reincarnations and an unforgettable New Year's Eve! 

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