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Beauty and style in every detail

The most beautiful place in the world - this is our home. After all, a pleasant feeling of peace and home comfort can not be compared with anything else. To create a unique and inimitable style, infuse it with warmth and a special atmosphere - a real art, which will help to master online store

The company offers fine home furnishings for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, fine home textiles, fashion accessories for indoor and outdoor decoration, lighting fixtures, lamps and more. Each item in the catalog, combines an elegant European style, superior quality and reasonable prices. On the Web site, you can always get new original ideas for home interior. And order products in any part of Russia.


Ware Art

Family heirlooms - priceless treasures, passed on from one generation to another. They cherish the memory of pleasant and light moments, separated, together with the closest people. This may well be a relic of a remarkable set of dishes Domalina.

Fine collection decorates any family celebration and make a homemade feasts memorable in Delft blue style. Delftware - this is truly a beautiful work of art that emerged in 18 century mark emulate the legendary Chinese porcelain. It was then that skilful Dutch masters began to create beautiful landscapes and fascinating floral patterns in classic blue and white. A century later, inspired by these works by Russian masters, laid a century-old tradition of famous Russian Gzhel.

In china collections Domalina presents and other original sets in a contemporary style, decorated with flower arrangements and elegant décor.


Awaken the joy

A set of dishes "Cheerful breakfast" enliven rainbow colors, even the gloomiest morning. The ceramics of soft cream shades are successfully complemented with bright laconic images of household utensils, something resembling touching children's drawings. Each item of the set is decorated with funny inscriptions that will surely cheer up early in the morning. Smooth lines, comfortable and thoughtful design, pleasant colors quickly catch the fancy of the whole family, and breakfast will be one of the desired events of the day.  


The Discreet Charm of Delft

The service in the style of Dutch porcelain with delicate sky-blue painting on the white surface of the porcelain - unfading classic that is timeless and fashion trends. Whimsical floral patterns, luxurious royal monogram, wonderful paradise Ptah gracefully stilled on the branches - all this in exquisite detail recreates the spirit of the great china comes from the city of Delft. Lovely set with lush ornate patterns will certainly be the main decoration of all family celebrations.


Tales told by owls

Set of dishes "Fairy World" heartily appreciate incorrigible dreamers and romantics poetic, each with living faith in miracles. Scatterings of bright colors cheerful hues combined with delicate greens look particularly impressive on a dazzling white. In these magical scenery settled fabulous creatures - wise and mysterious owl with feathers firebird. Such a wonderful set of dishes will bring a little magic into the usual routine, and any holiday will give a fabulous mood.


bird tenderness

The original set of dishes "Ornitto" win the hearts of all who are not indifferent to the comely feathered creatures. Because on each piece collection inhabits a small family of funny birds, a teapot and lubricator crowned volume figures charming birds. Highlighted contrasting combination of gentle and refined white strict restrained black design makes an unusually elegant and stylish. Such set harmoniously complement the interior of your kitchen, and any tea party will make even more pleasant.


Curlicue ligature

An exquisite set of dishes "Lace" will be to the taste of fine connoisseurs of classics, beautiful and amazing in all its manifestations. Noble white ceramics is harmoniously complemented by an amazing openwork edging that creates a feeling of airiness and tenderness. Each item, whether it's a cup, a cake stand or a teapot, combines expressive design, elegant smooth shapes and sophisticated style. Set "Lace" will be a genuine gem of your home collection of dishes.


Any of the presented sets of tableware Domalina - the perfect gift with a taste that will take its place in your home and become a good memory for many years.


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