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Terms of summer food: poisoning warning

Food poisoning - one of the summer diseases. It can happen to anyone, and thus it is important to act without delay. How to quickly identify the symptoms? How to treat it? And what to do to prevent poisoning?

We recognize the threat

The main culprits of food poisoning are harmful bacteria. They enter the body with various products that were stored in inappropriate conditions or have an expired shelf life. In addition, the summer heat itself creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of dangerous microorganisms. 

The most common poisonings occur in fruits, berries and vegetables. Forgot how to wash them - the stomach is sure to remember. However, even freshly washed, but spoiled fruit also can cause poisoning. As well as green vegetables, too soon taken from the branch. Do not forget about the poisoning by nitrates. Many fruits are processed with chemicals, even in summer, to the outside, they look like a picture.

Along with this, at risk are meat products that require special storage conditions. If the meat has been in the heat for more than two hours, it is better not to eat it. The same can be said about fish and seafood. At elevated temperature, they deteriorate much faster, and still accumulate toxins. Especially insidious home canned billets. Microorganisms that cause such a serious illness as botulism can settle in them. Close attention should be paid to dairy products, boiled sausages, pates, cheeses, eggs, mayonnaise and other sauces, as well as confectionery.

We provide emergency assistance

Few summer products can compete in toxicity with watermelon

Perhaps no other year the product is not able to compete in toxicity with watermelon. Poisoning it happens all the time. This is not surprising, because striped berries appear on the shelves of shops and markets almost in June, while their only season opens in late August. So rare watermelon complete without a generous dose of "chemistry". The pleasure of this delicacy - is doubtful, but the discomfort is almost certainly guaranteed.

Recognize how food poisoning whatever food is simple. His first symptoms - severe diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Then there is a weakness, dizziness, and mild fever. According to the rules to begin to clear the stomach. To do this, you need to drink a glass of 2-3 weak solution of potassium permanganate or soda and provoke vomiting. You can resort to the help of laxatives. After taking chelators until you get better. This soluble drugs in the form of powders, putting out toxic substances.

Sometimes poisoning is severe and is accompanied by suffocation, pain in the kidneys or the liver, fever, profuse sweating and fainting. When such symptoms should immediately call the ambulance. If you suspect a poisoning by fungi or exotic fruits without medical assistance is also not enough. Strongly recommended to self-treat children and the elderly.

On the first day of poisoning rather starve and drink plenty of water. A further cause the stomach to help feeling rather weak broth, pureed cooked vegetables, homemade croutons, oatmeal on the water and a couple of lean fish. Quench your thirst can unsweetened tea and a decoction of rose hips.

Make natural selection

All fresh vegetables, fruits and berries must be thoroughly washed.

Like any other illness, poisoning is better to prevent than to deal with its painful symptoms. prevention methods familiar to any child, but for some reason some of the adults they are often ignored. We are talking about elementary hygiene. Wash hands should as often as possible and with great passion: under warm water, not less than half a minute and always with soap and water. Careful washing to be fresh vegetables, fruits and berries. Ignoring this rule, you can earn even poisoning strawberries from your own clean bed.

Almost all products should be moved to the refrigerator. In summer, at room temperature, they deteriorate rapidly. If you use eggs, be sure to wash them before you break them. Cereals, sugar, flour, spices and other bulk products are transported to airtight containers. Ruthlessly get rid of any suspicious products. Did you smell the smell of rot or notice mold marks on fruits and vegetables? To avoid food poisoning, we send them to the trash. For the same reason, do not try to stomach for strength, if the food gives a sour taste or tingling in the tongue.

Choosing products in the store, study the terms of their manufacture and shelf life. If you take sausages, smoked meats or cheeses, let them be in vacuum packages. Give up sweet soda and mineral water. Alkaline environment is most favorable for the reproduction of harmful bacteria. Instead, drink chilled water with lemon, berry fruit drinks, jelly or fruit drinks.   

Agree, this set of measures is not too burdensome. He will benefit the whole family. And then the favorite food will bring only pleasure and benefit. Let this summer give you only pleasant memories! 

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