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Proper table setting: instructions for use

Near the New Year's holidays, and with them - it's time revelry feasts. To triumph remembered for a long time, it is important to consider every last detail, including the right tableware.

Clever placement

How to make table setting according to all the canons? Just a few basic rules will help you create a cozy, welcoming environment. For a festive dinner, the table is covered with a clean and impeccably ironed tablecloth, preferably white. Table setting rules according to etiquette oblige each guest to put a large serving plate that acts as a stand. Plates with appetizers, soups and hot dishes are placed in it. For a solemn type of table setting, a pie plate for bakery products, which is placed to the left of the serving plate, is irreplaceable. A knife is placed on top of the plate if various fillings and butter are provided. Sometimes you can see a cup of warm water and mint leaves nearby for wetting your fingers. A complete classic table setting presupposes the presence of cutlery and glasses, selected in accordance with the dishes and drinks from the menu. For an original table setting, you can even place a basket with fresh flowers in the center.  

A set of ladies and gentlemen

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Not so difficult rules of the location of cutlery, as they think. Traditionally, they are placed on the edges of the serving plate: knives - on the right, forks - on the left. If the menu offers dessert, a spoonful of soup is placed over a serving dish. If there is no dessert, the spoon is moved to the first knife. In this case, there is a simple rule for serving cutlery: the most extreme are intended for dishes served in the first place, then the appliances are taken in order of priority. According to the existing rules, the set of cutlery includes a small snack fork and a knife served to cold and some hot appetizers. Cutlery is more for the first and second dishes. Instruments for fish are easy to recognize on the fork with 3-4 teeth and bone cavity, as well as knife in the form of a scapula. And cutlery according to etiquette includes a dessert set consisting of a knife, fork and spoon.

Table Arsenal

Terms of use for all cutlery

Skillfully handle lobsters and oysters - undeniable talent. But do not forget, too, provided etiquette for ordinary meals. User cutlery against unsophisticated soup. If they have meatballs, pasta or large vegetables, they should be careful to turn the spoon. If the soup is served in a cup, drink the broth should be intelligent. Hen allowed to eat only in the hands of the family circle. At a dinner party would have to wield a knife and fork.

Oyster fork

Meat dishes such as chops or escalope eaten by them, cutting off a piece. According to the rules of etiquette flatware for schnitzel, goulash and chopped meatballs - no fork and knife. Garnish, vegetables, pasta, omelettes and puddings, too, will do without him. But sandwiches, pies and cakes, and require a fork and knife. Separate utensils and rules exist for caviar, pate and mustard. They are gaining a small spoon and spread on a slice of bread.

Secret signs

Original serving of cutlery

The rules for using cutlery in the restaurant mean some nuances. If you paused, but are going to return to the dish, the rules of etiquette with cutlery recommend putting the fork and knife handles on the table, and the tips on the plate, slightly unfolding them from yourself. If you need to leave the table, but you have not yet finished dinner, cross the instruments on the plate so that the prongs of the fork are pointed to the left, and the point of the knife is to the right. The rules of the etiquette of cutlery after eating say that they need to be placed parallel to each other. Imagine that the plate is the dial, and place them on the digit 5 or 7. If you have just finished with soup, leave a spoon in the plate. By the way, the dilemma about which way to tilt a plate with the remnants of soup - from yourself or to yourself, - the rules of etiquette of cutlery are simply solved. Let the last drops of soup stay in a plate, this you will not offend anyone.

Keep forever

Store clean silver cutlery separately

Know how to store utensils in the kitchen, no less important. Standard trays or fancy organizers with sections equally practical. In any case, always separate the knives, forks and spoons. Especially separately store clean cutlery in silver utensils. After use, wash them in hot soda solution (50 1 g soda on liter of water) and wipe with a well-velvet cloth. From excess moisture silverware fades. Return to former glory will paste of ammonia, tooth powder, soda and water in equal proportions.

And so that the spoons, knives and forks sparkle like new, dip them for a few seconds in a potato broth, then wipe dry

Care canteens everyday devices even easier. Conventional detergents completely enough. Stubborn stains treat with lemon juice and rub with a woolen cloth with tooth powder. Corrosive odors are gone, if grate devices vegetable oil or vinegar. And to spoons, knives and forks gleamed like new, lower them for a few seconds in the potato broth, and then wipe dry.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with the rules for using cutlery. Having easily mastered them, you will look like a true aristocrat even at a royal dinner party.  

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