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The whole truth about pasta diet

They say that Sophia Loren, at almost eighty looking just amazing, is on a pasta-based diet. Our nutritionist Oleg Vladimirov tells about whether this is actually possible.

Pasta is popular in many countries, and not only because it is very tasty food, but it is really good for our body:

 - there is practically no fat in pasta (about 1%), and the carbohydrates contained in them (about 70%) provide our body with a huge amount of energy: about 60% of it comes from carbohydrates, so a person feels a feeling of satiety by eating much less pasta than others food;

- there are many useful substances in pasta: B vitamins, starch, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and iron;

- pasta contains vegetable fiber - having absorbing properties, it can absorb harmful toxins and remove them from the body, which almost does not assimilate fiber itself; in addition, fiber slows down the production of sugar during digestion, and also helps to eliminate dysbiosis;

- pasta also contains tryptophan, an amino acid that is converted in the body into the hormone serotonin, which is the key to our good mood, so if you like pasta, you are not in danger of depression.

However, pasta also has its negative sides:

- the high content of carbohydrates makes pasta very high in calories;

- if improperly cooked, pasta loses most of the nutrients that were in them;

- heavily boiled pasta made from refined flour can have glycemic indices (an indicator of the effect of food on blood sugar) in the region of 70, which already leads to an insulin peak;

- If you fill pasta with animal fats, you get deadly junk food.

For the body to benefit, you need to buy pasta only from durum wheat: they have a very low glycemic level, unlike soft pasta, where the glycemic level tends to that of sweets. In addition, durum wheat contains significantly more protein than soft wheat, and the presence of a sufficient amount of protein in food prevents, in particular, the development of cellulite. In addition to the composition indicated on the package, pay attention to the cooking time - for medium-thick pasta, it should be at least ten minutes. All "instant" brands like ramen are simply hazardous to health!

Pasta is best eaten in the morning. - you will provide yourself with energy for the whole day, and the amino acid tryptophan contained in them will smooth out the negative effects of inevitable stress and make it easier to go to bed in the evening. If you eat pasta late at night, be sure to minimize calories, the amount of which greatly increases from the sauces added to the dish, especially if these are industrial sauces.

Well, you need to cook pasta exactly as the Italians advise.: the most useful degree of doneness is really al dente or "by the tooth", when the very middle of the product remains slightly undercooked and firm.

And if you follow all the necessary conditions, you can really sit down on the pasta diet developed by Sophia Loren, which, by the way, does not consist of pasta at all! Bon Appetit!



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