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It's all in the bubbles

Imagine a New Year without champagne is hardly possible - a bottle or two will be on the holiday table, even those who strongly prefer stronger drinks. But the champagne - just one of the representatives of the large family! On the remarkable qualities of sparkling wines and traditions of their production tells Irina Mak.

Many people in ordinary life prefer "quiet" wines to drinks with bubbles. And in the New Year, champagne is preferred by everyone. And not only champagne, but in general - sparkling wine, of which there are more species than succeeding in winemaking countries. Do not think that I am against the champagne. Far from it, with both hands, especially if it's Salon or Krug's peaceful, and better blanc de blanc, ie wines made exclusively from white grapes. Millezimnyh champagne, released a year distinguished the most successful (if not the most abundant) crop, yes on the best dream you can not! But Champagne, note, small all her fault is not enough. And the champagne is expensive, especially in Russia, where the hand does not rise to fork out for it ... we will not even specify how much better to think about the alternative, that, of course.

No, it's not about the "Soviet" version, not the "Russian," and not even "Tsimlyanskii". Although there on the CIS territory, something to make money, First of all, this "New World". Once known, the first in Russia (now Ukraine) Crimean factory of sparkling wines in the New, based in 1878 by Prince Lev Golitsyn, he was still alive. Under the old method Champenois is producing excellent wine This is easy to see in a supermarket buying a bottle of brut "New World", white or red, with yatem instead of the letter "e" on the label. It is, of course, not a penny, but the price of a bottle of the ordinary brut 550-600 rubles. Cheaper domestic version of the safest "Abrau Durso". But try and do both and make the right choice.

With "Abrau Durso", by the way, is quite comparable to the price of the Spanish Cava - A popular sparkling with the Iberian Peninsula. Other things being equal, I would choose her, good, kava vengeance today sold in domestic supermarkets and white, and pink. The only thing it is necessary to buy Brut. Someone will object to me that, say, prefer sweet. I will not even try to dissuade them I just do not write them. Those who are willing to listen to reason, explain: a habit since the Soviet times to drink sweet champagne is explained only by the monstrous quality of the produced beverage while dry sparkling seemed to sour. With the cava that will not happen.

Among the best in quality of European sparkling wines - Loire, in particular VouvrayThat produce in the same department white grapes Chenin Blanc it is the only acceptable grape variety in the area. We do not know very well vouvre yet, but if you choose between him and the ordinary Moet & Chandon, the latter will surely lose. Vouvray is often more expensive than cava, but worth the money. And with this Vouvray is not the only place on the Loire, where they make sparkling wine. Close to Vouvray is located in Saumur (Saumur), which also produce the sparkling drink is quite competitive in our field in terms of quality and price.

Finally, the Italian wines - if we talk about them, to mind first and foremost comes Prosecco - The Italian equivalent of cava. Prosecco is the name of the variety of grape from which the wine is made. It grows in the Veneto. Another area of ​​Italy that gave excellent sparkling wines, Franciacorta. The local wine champions of Italy and the world championship lead. As often happens with champagne, wines from Franciacorta made their three varieties of grapes Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero. And among all the wines of this area, there is one thing Ca'Del Bosco. It is clear that it is worth more than all the analogues from 2000 rubles per bottle, but in the ranking is on par with the best champagne. Yet much inferior to them in price ...

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