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All on garden: summer trends

Summer is in full swing, and fruit and berry abundance in shops and markets pleases the eye more than ever. But sometimes its quality gives rise to doubt, and prices bite unbearably. So many people are thinking about whether to grow new varieties of vegetables and fruits on their own hacienda.

Hybrid or variety?

However, over the choice of seeds for the garden also has to pretty much break his head. New varieties and hybrids are regularly updated with fresh specimens. For a start, it is worth deciding on preferences: a hybrid or a variety. Hybrid seeds are valued higher - they are produced by crossing elite varieties. From "parents" hybrids take the best, eclipsing them in many ways. They are much more resistant to diseases and harsh weather conditions, they bear fruit earlier, give a selective and much richer crop. However, conventional varieties are cheaper and do not require as close and complex care as hybrids. 

Cucumber landing

What is summer without a succulent crispy cucumbers? It is the main ingredient of our favorite salads, sandwiches, hash and, of course, preparations for the winter. In this respect the promising varieties of cucumber - just what you need. For canning, you can choose variety «horse 1». Although they are in fresh good. Miniature fruit have a mild taste and light aroma. cucumbers grade "graceful" also delight taste. These fruits are devoid of bitterness, long yellow and tolerate the vagaries of weather. They make excellent salted cucumbers. high-yield hybrid "ant F1» universal. Its strong large fruits can equally happy to crackle in pure form and salt, and add to the various dishes.

Seniors tomatoes

For a good harvest, it is important to choose a promising variety of tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes perfectly tone up in the heat, look organically in any form, and the children eat them with pleasure. What is new is, among the promising varieties of tomatoes? Cute tomatoes "Tiger varieties" with yellow stripes on the bright red fruit to fully justify the name. Of these, as we are assured breeders, obtained the most delicious fresh salads and snacks. Another interesting grade - "Black Prince". Ribbed large fruits have a dark plum color and a juicy, sweet taste. They are recommended to use fresh, as they deteriorate too quickly. And among the hybrids can be noted tomatoes "empire F1». Dense oval fruits are tasty, fragrant and unpretentious, and therefore stored for a long time. An excellent candidate for workpieces for the winter.

Sweet gold

The pear tastes sweeter than apples, although it contains less sugar

Among the fruit brethren, the pear has many fans. It tastes sweeter than apples, although it contains less sugars. But it contains more vitamin C and folic acid than even currants. Promising pear varieties include fruits that can be grown successfully in summer. Variety "Vega" - light yellow pears of classical form with a tender pulp and pleasant sweetish taste. Not inferior to them at all "Nectar variety". Slightly extended fruits of a greenish-yellow color with a red blush have an oily pulp with pronounced sweet taste. A real dream sweet tooth. And those who prefer a more restrained taste, for sure love "Dark-colored" variety. Fruits of the correct form are distinguished by brownish-yellow color, juicy, literally melting pulp in the mouth and original acidity. 

Strawberry romance

Delicious desserts are made from strawberries, from which both adults and children are crazy

Strawberry delights us all summer. From it are obtained delicious desserts, from which mad about both adults and children. And tuck her cheeks fresh - a pleasure. Perspective "Zenkora" strawberry cultivar characterized by large dark red berries, pleasant aroma and sweet firm flesh. Variety with a tempting title "jam" too, will not leave anyone indifferent. Fleshy shiny berries have thick juicy flesh with a sweet and sour taste. They keep their shape well, and one can cook compotes and jams, and even frozen for a long period of time. Variety «Florence»One of the most advanced, has attracted a solid-sized berries with a tender flesh and taste a refreshing dessert. This strawberry is suitable for sorbets, fruit drinks and souffles.

Grape rapture

The grape variety must be selected based on the objectives of its further use

Personal vineyard on the site? Realistic idea. Begin its implementation can be a prospective study of grape varieties. One of the recent innovations - hybrid variety "monarch" of table grapes. His yellow oblong berry cast on the sun amber. Harmonious sweet taste with a light muscat flavor to match the appearance. Grade "Alaric" It will appeal to fine gourmets. Oval pink berries covered with soft skin and have an elastic fleshy pulp. Grapes with a promising title "Furor" - also from the number of table varieties. Weighty large berries saturated dark colors hide juicy and very sweet flesh. They produce a wonderful house wine and non-alcoholic fruit drinks.

This is just a small fraction of the diversity that can decorate your infield. If you try to force in this genre for the first time, choose the most unpretentious variety. And if you belong to a veteran gardeners, share successes and practical advice!

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