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Slice and dice: the invention of all time

Despite the abundance of multi-functional miracle helper in the kitchen, many modern housewife still trust the good old cooking mince meat grinder. Who and when invented the mechanism? And how much he has changed since then?


Everything for your favorite

In a bleak epoch without mincers, the housewives had to use a wide curved crescent knife with two handles on each side. Rocking it from side to side, like a swing, it was necessary to thoroughly pass them a piece of meat. As a result, the stuffing turned out to be rough, and the mistresses themselves fell from fatigue. The first who decided to alleviate their bitter fate was the German inventor Baron Carl Dres. In the middle of the 19-th century, he designed the model of the world's first meat grinder. A little later, the Austrian inventor Peter Mitterhofer, wishing to serve his own spouse, built a similar mechanism.

Its basis were the same large curved knives. They fell in sync to a wide wooden deck with meat, which gradually shifted by a few degrees of the circle. Thus the blade knives every time fell to a new area of ​​meat, gradually turning it into a stuffing. Initially, the mechanism was powered by a horse, and later began to work on electricity. With it in half an hour you can get more 20 kg of selected meat. A disadvantage of such grinders was bulkiness, so their use in mass production.


Smart technology

The next prototype of the modern meat grinder, meat grinder, it had much more in common. Inside the massive mill cylinder rotates with the shaft protruding from it with steel pins in a helical manner. They move forward pieces of chopped meat, which fell between the rows of short blades located above and below. The whole structure was set in motion by a handle and knives nastrigali meat into small thin shreds.

Sometimes it needed to cut the meat into cubes. For these purposes, engineers devised a mechanism in which the meat was directed to an array of sharp right angle crossed blades. Passing through it, the meat transformed into a rectangular bundles. And then a flat blade located at the lattice itself, chipped the bundles into small equal cubes.

Both mechanisms still differed extraordinary dimensions. Therefore, for home use manufacturers offered miniature meat grinders, equipped with a small curved knives and manual control lever.


Ahead of the planet

Then came the turn of a screw grinder known any housewife. The main driving force of this mechanism - screw or an elongated screw that propels the pieces of meat to another, have a flat propeller with four blades. This screw, in turn, rotates outside the stationary disc with small holes, in fact, performs the function of the knife. Under pressure, the meat is pushed through the bars along the way cuts on small pieces rotating flat screw.

In our country, such meat grinders appeared in the Soviet years thanks to the Swedish engineer Lauren, who in a short time established their mass production. Its center was the city of Kasley, famous at that time for its first-class casters. For the production of meat grinders used purest food tin. And thanks to advanced technologies and high-quality execution, the Kasli meat grinder has become the best in the world.   


In place of the mechanical came very practical electric meat grinders. Today they are not inferior to the position of food processors and other smart machines, naturally performing the most tedious duties in the kitchen. 

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