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We all know how important it is troublesome, and at the same time to maintain cleanliness in the house, and if you need to bring the house in order after the repair, the choice of assistant in this difficult task becomes very difficult.

And what do we do most often? Of course, we seek advice from friends or acquaintances, or we resort to Internet recommendations. And this is true. Moreover, the search parameters and requirements for the cleaning unit are different for everyone: someone wants to buy a device for cleaning water and spilled liquids, someone needs the function of cleaning dry garbage, but one of the most important selection criteria is, of course, reliability and ease of use , the credibility of the manufacturing company and the cost.

Ideal meet the requirements of even the most discerning buyer universal vacuum cleaner American corporation Shop-Vac®. And this is confirmed by reviews of the lucky owners of this technology, corporate history.

For over 40 years, Shop-Vac® Corporation, founded by Martin Miller, has been the market leader in versatile vacuum cleaners for both dry waste and water and spilled liquids. Back in 1987, the first Shop-Vac® vacuum cleaner was developed and has been continuously refined ever since to make housework, garage cleaning and workshop cleaning fast and easy.


Shop-Vac® has been and remains a family business, successfully combining large production in North America and the newest factory of best quality in China. Combining vast experience of American engineers and democratic industrial policy in China allows corporations Shop-Vac® to offer its customers, including those in Russia, the goods at affordable prices.

The distinctive features of art Shop-Vac® throughout the years are of reliable quality and long service life of the vacuum cleaner. It provides such reliability and durability of the original design.


"Work" (vacuum) and the cooling air flow reliably separated from each other. All products Shop-Vac is certified according to the ISO 9001 standards for each of the vacuum cleaner is warranted 2 years.

See what you can find on the internet. The pro-video Shop-Vac shown how easy, fast and fun, you can clean up the mess in the kitchen and throughout the house with a compact universal cleaner Micro 10 from Shop-Vac®: = y4sOfO8Ei1g.

The conclusion is one, if you need an assistant who can take on all the hard work, then Shop-Vac® vacuum cleaners are what you really need!


For convenient working in the workshop, house, garage or at a construction site vacuums Shop-Vac is performed as a tank, a collection of high-quality plastic and stainless steel, with a capacity of up to 10 60 liters.

More detailed information about Shop-Vac corporation can be obtained by phone 8 (495) 781-21-68 or on the website

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