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Five popular diets 2015 years

Tell me what diet you are on and I'll tell you who you are. This theory is more relevant today than ever. After all, nutritionists do not get tired of delighting us with new formulas of harmony. Today we are discussing the most popular diets of 2015.

Back to the stone age

The 2015 trendy diets ranking is topped by the paleo diet. She encourages us to share the taste preferences of our ancestors from the Paleolithic era. Therefore, the menu contains exclusively natural meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts. The blacklist included cereals, legumes, dairy products and vegetables with starch. At the dawn of mankind they were not yet known about them. With salt, as well as with canned food, sauces and smoked meats, we will have to say goodbye. Sugar is also out of the question, including dark chocolate and fruit juices. Longing for sweetness is suggested to be treated with honey. A completely harmless tea should be replaced with water and herbal infusions. Nutritionists say this new 2015 diet will get rid of fat and build muscle, normalize blood pressure and cholesterol levels. At the same time, long-term rejection of carbohydrates, milk and cereals negatively affects the whole body and can cause serious malaise.

Asian minimalism

Asian Diet Voted Best of 2015

A new diet for weight loss, called Chinese, is gaining fans around the world. Oddly enough, there is almost nothing Chinese on her menu. But there are vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, dietary meats and fish, cereals and eggs. And all this - without a gram of salt and spices. We completely remove fatty foods, smoked meats, semi-finished products, pastries and sweets from the diet. Meals - only 3 per day, the volume of each - no more than 300 g. Heroically we replace snacks with green tea, plain and mineral water without gases. The diet is calculated for 7, 14 or 21 days, depending on willpower. This method is recognized as one of the best diets of 2015. Its undoubted plus is the rapid weight loss due to general cleansing of the body. There are much more cons. Weakness, irritability, poor health will manifest themselves very soon. And if you have chronic diseases of the digestive system, this diet is definitely not for you.

Banana curd marathon

The curd-banana diet is one of the most effective, in 3 days you can lose 3-5 kg

Do you like bananas and cottage cheese? Then the banana-curd diet was invented just for you. This is one of the most effective diets of 2015, allowing you to lose 3-5 kg ​​in 3 days. On the first day, we chew 3-4 bananas, drinking a glass of kefir in between. During the second day, we methodically destroy 400-500 g of low-fat cottage cheese. And on the third day we return to bananas. A more satisfying option is designed for a week. On banana days, we complement breakfast with yogurt, at lunchtime - with a boiled egg, and at dinner we allow ourselves to eat chicken breast. We dilute curd days with grapefruits, apples or melons. We quench our thirst with plain water, fresh juices and fermented milk drinks. This diet is very nutritious and easy to carry, which has earned it an honorable place in the 2015 Best Weight Loss Diets list. But due to the scarcity of the diet, it cannot be delayed, otherwise the body will begin to malfunction and will take revenge with an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

White that slims

The protein diet is designed for 7-10 days, in each of which you can lose a kilogram

Strictly speaking, the protein diet in 2015 is not a novelty, which does not prevent it from remaining in fashion. As you might guess, here we focus on protein foods: meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs. In this case, the proportion of fat in it should be minimal. In order not to get bored, we supplement the proteins with fruits, but not bananas, grapes and apricots. They contain carbohydrates that will nullify efforts. Fresh, boiled and baked vegetables are welcome, with the exception of carbohydrate potatoes. An important nuance: we divide proteins and vegetables with fruits into different meals, of which there should be at least five during the day. Along with this, we intensively drink water with lemon, still mineral water and unsweetened tea. The protein diet is designed for 7-10 days, in each of which you can lose a kilogram. Prolongation can cause a sharp deterioration in well-being, damage to the kidneys and lead to the development of diabetes.

Buckwheat test  

Before choosing a diet, be sure to consult with your doctor and carefully read the reviews.

The buckwheat diet for weight loss is the best on the list of mono diets. All thanks to Greek with its ideal balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, high nutritional value and the ability to remove toxins from the body. As a result - minus 10 kg per week. At the same time, we do not cook the cereal, but steam it. Pour 200 g of buckwheat with 500 ml of boiling water without salt and spices, insist all night and eat during the day. Since few are ready to eat "naked" porridge for several days in a row, there are two gentle diet options. In the first case, we alternate cereals and 500 ml of low-fat kefir instead of snacks. In the second - we enjoy buckwheat and 150 g of dried fruits in the same mode. Remember, we finish the last meal 5 hours before bedtime. If it becomes unbearable, a glass of kefir will save. But you can drink water and green tea in any quantity. The buckwheat diet lasts a maximum of 7 days. With stomach ulcers, diabetes and hypertension, it is better to refrain from it.

Before choosing a diet, be sure to consult with your doctor and carefully study the reviews of those who have experienced it on themselves. Do not forget that a healthy and happy body is more important than the most seductive forms.   

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