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Five secrets of purity: useful ideas for house cleaning

We have to bring shine and cleanliness to the house for the sake of maintaining comfort and home warmth almost every day. Especially if the family is big! Household chemicals make this task easier. Alas, not all of them are safe for health, so many housewives use folk remedies for home care.

Lemon spirit

One such remedy is plain lemon. Its sour juice has cleansing properties, and its pleasant aroma deodorizes the air. It is not surprising that lemon flavor is added to detergents so often. Corrosive, frozen spots of fat inside the microwave is a problem familiar to many. Lemon can handle it without difficulty. We put a couple of lemon slices into a glass of water, put it in a microwave and turn it on at full capacity for 10 – 15 minutes. Then wipe the inside with a damp cloth. To clean the lime with cranes fit lemon rinds. We rub the contaminated areas with them, leave the juice for 10 minutes and wipe with a dry cloth. The result is brilliant in every sense guaranteed. Lemon serves as an excellent air freshener. Put a half of fresh lemon next to a source of unpleasant odor, and soon there will be no trace of it. And the invigorating citrus notes will cheer up you and your loved ones.  

Soda Shine

Soda fights odors well

Soda has long been known as a first-class home cleanser. With its help you can clean anything: tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen, microwave and refrigerator, pans with burnt fat, "killed" frying pans and pans, tarnished silverware. All of them will please the eye with purity and brilliance. For these purposes, prepare a special paste. We rub on the grater 200 g of baby soap without a smell, pour a glass of warm water and whisk with a blender. Continuing to stir, add 100 g soda. Such a paste should be stored in a jar with a tightly closed lid. But to remove stains from the carpet or upholstered furniture left by small fidgets, you can use dry soda. We sprinkle dirt on it, leave it for a couple of hours, remove it and take a good vacuum. By the way, soda fights well with extraneous smells. Place an open container with soda in the toilet, and no air freshener is needed.

Sour but pure

Old coffee or tea plaque from your favorite mugs and cups is also quickly removed with vinegar

White vinegar can also be turned into a universal cleaner. Mix 50 ml of vinegar (6% or 9%) and 400 ml of water, pour the mixture into a bottle with a spray - an effective tool for washing windows and mirrors is ready. Vinegar will help remove limescale from the sink and bath. Fill them with contaminated sites, sprinkle with soda and leave for 20-30 minutes. Rubbing them with a damp sponge and rinsing off the residue with water. Can not get rid of the plaque in the teapot? Add in it 100 ml of vinegar, leave overnight, and in the morning drain the water. Boil clean water in it and rinse well. A stale coffee or tea coating from your favorite mugs and cups is also quickly removed with vinegar. Mix it in equal proportions with salt, rub this dish with dishes from the inside and carefully rinse. Your circles will shine like new ones, and family tea drinking will become twice as pleasant.

Mustard Against Fat

Knowledgeable housewives recommend using mustard to remove stains from silk and wool

Mustard - another effective folk remedy for cleaning the apartment. Of course, we are talking about powder mustard. Even the most corrosive fat will not resist its cleansing power. It is most convenient to dip a sponge in a saucer with mustard powder and wipe the dishes with it. Knowledgeable mistresses recommend this tool to remove stains from silk and wool things. Fill with a liter of hot water 20 g of mustard powder and leave for 2 hours. Drain the water, again pour the mustard precipitate with hot water and insist for another hour. We erase things in this solution, then rinse them in ordinary water. Among other things, mustard destroys persistent odors in the refrigerator. We mix mustard powder and soda in proportion 3: 1, dilute with water and wipe shelves with this mixture, where odorous products lay. In the end, he will have to walk on them with a damp rag. With this simple tool in your refrigerator will always reign exemplary cleanliness and order.    

In all its splendor

If you combine table salt with turpentine in equal proportions, the resulting mixture can easily remove yellow spots from the surface of plumbing

Cooking salt can also serve as a cleaning agent. Especially well she copes with the burnt spots of fat on a plate. Sprinkle with salt the contaminated areas and leave for 15-20 minutes. Important nuance - the surface of the plate should be hot. When it cools down, wipe it with a damp sponge. If you add to 2 art. L. Salts 1 st. L. Lemon juice, you get an effective detergent against limescale and rust. With the same mixture it is easy to polish the pots, pans and kettles to the shine, and also to remove the unpleasant odor from the cutting boards. If you combine table salt with turpentine in equal proportions, the resulting mixture can easily remove yellow spots from the surface of the sanitary ware. In addition, salt helps to clear clogs in the sink. We fall asleep in the hole in the sink, pour it with steep boiling water and leave it for a while.

Cleaning the house folk remedies has its advantages. Cleaners made with their own hands, are safe for health and help to at least partially reduce family expenses.

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