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Glass baking dish from Julia Vysotsky!

What can compare to a slice of freshly baked pie for a cup of aromatic tea? But homemade baking is not easy, because in order to pamper your loved ones, it is not enough to find the perfect recipe, stock up on the necessary ingredients and patience, you also need special baking dishes.

Its assortment is now so large that it is difficult to make a choice, so we decided to tell you about the features of baking dishes made of heat-resistant glass.

• Some products can react with metal dishes when heated, so using glass forms is safer for health. 

• Glass forms provide an opportunity to observe the cooking process, thus avoiding scorching.

• Glass molds do not absorb odors and therefore do not transfer them to other products during subsequent use.

• Glass heats up slowly, but also slowly gives off heat - its heat capacity is even higher than that of cast iron, so cooked dishes in glass molds stay warm longer. 

• The finished dish can be immediately served on the table - it will look very impressive in glass form. 

Glass molds are convenient, practical and safe, so many housewives give them their preference, and Yulia Vysotskaya also uses them, which prompted her to create a new series of glass molds "Eat at Home", which you can already find in stores.

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