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Stylish kitchen or how not to get bored of the plate

Introducing a selection of creative kitchen tools and cookware from British giant Joseph Joseph. The founding fathers of the company, the twin brothers Joseph, started their business in 2003 and developed it to a global scale. To date, Joseph Joseph's products are distributed in more than 40 countries, including Russia.

And Joseph Joseph’s annual turnover is millions of pounds a year. The main criteria for Richard and Anthony Joseph, like 9 years ago, are functionality, creativity, style and convenience. Therefore, before the product is released by the company, it goes through multi-stage preparation. In a word, "fire, water and copper pipes."

All utensils are made from safe materials, be it nylon, glass or food grade plastic. Imagine a unique hit parade of the best-selling Joseph Joseph.

1. A set of bowls "Nest".

Very comfortable, compact, inserted into each other on the principle of "nesting dolls". In addition, each set has a certain amount of utensils: a bowl, colander or strainer. Select: "Slot 3", "Slot 6", "Slot 7", "Slot 9".

2. A set of cutting boards "Index".

Made of high quality food grade plastic.

Choose: colors steel, graphite, as well as a set of "Index plus", which includes knives.


3. Spoons, spatulas, skimmers, pushers.

A characteristic feature: a weighting agent built into the handle to prevent the “dirty” part from draining onto the table. Soft material, scratches excluded.


4. Pot for kitchen tools "Caddy".

Helps to store sponge, dishwashing liquid or other Cinderella attributes in one specially designated place. There is a special rag drying bar.

5. Cutting boards made of glass.

Here, the fantasy of Joseph Joseph designers went wild. Absolutely different design, form, style. 

It is believed that glass boards "blunt" knives. Throw it out of your head, this is completely wrong! Choose from Banana Vinyl, Cabbage Diva, Refrigerator, Kitchen Tools, and more.



6. Folding double boiler "Lotus".

Compact, made of high quality food grade plastic, suitable for any pan. If you do not steam, use as a colander.

7. Dryer and substrate "Arena".

Corrugated surface, special ribs along which water is drained and dishes are dried in a matter of minutes.

8. Gift sets.

For those who are in doubt and in search of a gift, Joseph Joseph has found a solution. Ready-made original sets, packed in a gift box. 

Choose: Vitamin (juicer + garlic press + piller), Stylish eggplant (double boiler + slotted spoon + tongs), Food Station (4 bendable cutting mats), Super Baker (rolling pin + spatula + brush) + timer).


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