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How to organize a space for laundry, which is better to put the washing machine and ironing board and where it is more convenient to store iron and detergents? In these exciting of all, without exception, answers questions from the designer Alice Ponizovskii.

Getting to the room design, I draw your attention that for a washing machine usually choose a kitchen, bath, or put in the basement, without any concern for the comfort of working with technology. In small apartments actually almost impossible to organize a full laundry complex - every centimeter counts. But just a small space and does not allow the thoughtless use the usable area. The more spacious rooms - selected on the basis of the principle of "out of sight", and convenient to use, or not, it does not matter the place for washing and ironing - in large apartments and houses. However, for small apartments and large, there are solutions that are simple, comfortable and accessible. Consider both possibilities.

Bedroom small apartment

Since this apartment I was doing for her son, then, of course, wanted to make it as convenient for the young man and his girlfriend... The balcony has been turned into an insulated loggia - something like a small office. Kitchen - 7 meters, room - 16. It is clear that there is not enough space for a washing machine, there is simply nowhere to put a folding dryer. Cabinets also do not fit, but I want to organize life comfortably and with maximum benefit. But there is a fairly large bathroom, combined with a toilet, however, of an irregular shape and rather narrow.

Having studied the market of household appliances, I came to the conclusion that a washing machine can not do, because its presence does not solve the problem of drying laundry, and taking stiralku and drying did not want to - well, I do not like "two in one" and "three for the price of two," there's something wrong! Everyone should be responsible for his body of work: stiralka designed to wash clothes, and do not dry, dry well must be a separate machine, specially designed for gentle drying and with different modes thereof.

To make room for the one and the other had to smash his head, but the results were satisfied with everything. So, the standard bath is replaced with a small-sized 140 cm, a wash basin with a lower cabinet and a toilet bowl are almost end-to-end to each other, but this prevents both of them from being used comfortably. On the vacant seat stood a washing and drying machine of standard sizes - not small, low, narrow, but normal, 60 x 60 cm, that is, the amount of laundry is not calculated for one person, but for a family with a small child. Over the washing complex are conveniently located cabinets for household chemicals and small household appliances. Cars stood in such a way that between them and the wall is placed also an ironing board.

The resulting wash cycle drying ironing takes minimum time, which is located equipment, the process is completely hidden from view - No laundry hanging on a clothesline, not hanging over the bathtub, not looming on the balcony and in the kitchen it is not! All chemistry is living in one place and at such a height that a small child simply can not get there. Plus over stiralka and drying formed a convenient work surface. Observing all the rules - safety, comfort and ergonomics.

Here are a couple more examples of competent, ergonomic use of space and organization of the workplace in small environments.

Large apartment or vacation home

Here, I would recommend to use the same duo - washing machine + dryer - but do not put them into the boiler room and not feel sorry for this and highlight the important things like laundry, own place - Though not very big, five or six meters square, but a separate, well-ventilated room. You will not regret the decision, because in the laundry room can accommodate not only the machinery itself but also handy ironing with a steam generator system, and containers for sorting laundry, and a vacuum cleaner with numerous buckets and mops, and an arsenal of cleaning products. In general, to create a full-fledged workstation raccoon!

Do not save on the technique, “two in one” will turn into a long cycle of washing / drying, and the performance of such machines is several times less. Do not save on cabinets, the best solution for this kind of space is built-in kitchen furniture. 

Provide maximum space for household chemicals and baskets for sorting the laundry. If you encounter difficulties, contact the experts - knowledgeable designer can help you organize a comfortable space and make it not only functional, but also beautiful!


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