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This is a terrible word - cholesterol!

Cholesterol - is what often frighten their patients, doctors, calling him almost the main enemy of mankind. However, some researchers believe cholesterol is beneficial for the body. To understand these contradictions, we asked the help of Dr. Boris Akimov.

Modern medicine has a great set of anti-sclerotic funds of which many known niacin - vitamin PP. The fact that the main source of vitamin PP protein foods: meat, milk, eggs - which are both sources of cholesterol, says that nature intended and anti-sclerotic mechanisms. How in this case to understand our enemy cholesterol or friend?

Cholesterol (cholesterol) - is an organic compound from the category of fat (lipophilic) alcohols, vital for our body and therefore generated by the body, mainly the liver, and in significant quantities - 80% against 20% coming from the food.

For what cholesterol is needed? Much for a lot! This is the basis of the cell, its cell membranes. In addition, cholesterol is involved in metabolism - it helps to produce vitamin D, various hormones, including sex hormones, plays an important role in the activity of the synapses of the brain (the brain is one third of tissue cholesterol) and the immune system, including protection against cancer. That is, in all respects, it would seem very useful.

The problem is that all too well - is not good! Excess cholesterol accumulates on the walls of blood vessels as atherosclerotic plaque and leads to poor blood circulation with all the consequences - from stroke to heart attack. Every second man over 30 years die from diseases caused by atherosclerosis.

How poluchaestya that such a thing is necessary for our body and it also destroys? It's simple - in this world, nothing lasts forever under the moon. And even more so. And nature has created a mechanism for self-destruction of the human body, which is designed for an average of ... 45 years. Everything else is the result of a healthy lifestyle and happy circumstances: for example, in Japan, the average life expectancy is 82 years. And one more thing: there are no long-livers older than 110-115 years. By this time, all the genetic mechanisms of regeneration have been completely exhausted. All cases of claims of centenarians who have lived for more than 120 years are nothing more than fantasy.

Of course, the synthesis of cholesterol is not the only factor of aging, but very powerful and, importantly, the earliest. Excess cholesterol is and the children, but to 20 years antisclerosic mechanisms is very active and the problem is not relevant. After 20 years in a healthy person can detect atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels, and in another ten years - and the deterioration of vascular permeability, leading to disease.

Is there any escape from the atherosclerosis? Of course! Modern medicine has a great set of anti-sclerotic means, but let us not to go to clinics, and take up the health of themselves:

let normal weight (Every extra two kilos of weight reduces the life of one year);

Reduce your intake of fatty foods (Cholesterol - a fatty alcohol);

Quit smoking (Nicotine leads to a spasm of blood vessels, creating a stage for concentration of atherosclerotic plaques);

I Play sports (A two-hour workout at a moderate pace on 30% reduced plasma cholesterol).

The main thing, of course, it is proper nutrition. I am very happy about the opening of Japanese restaurants in Russia. Japanese cuisine, like the Mediterranean, is distinguished by the most correct products and the way they are cooked. But if we eat at home, then on our table must necessarily be fresh vegetables and fruits, which should be eaten on the principle of "the more - the better" and, of course, raw. My favorite anti-sclerotic products are white cabbage, apples and vegetable oil. In recent years, among people who care about a healthy lifestyle, olive oil has become popular. If you like the taste of this wonderful product - for health, if you prefer sunflower - it's also good, there is no reliable scientific data on the superiority of one vegetable oil to another. And a glass of red wine at dinner for the prevention of atherosclerosis is quite appropriate!

And the last. When you need to take prevention of atherosclerosis, especially if you have no pain? The answer is - today! As quipped Nobel Prize in Medicine Max Brown: "If you wait for the first manifestations of coronary heart disease to begin its prevention, the first manifestation may be sudden death from myocardial infarction."

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