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Morning exercises, part of 1

When you are in the morning, before breakfast, do exercises, burned in 2 times more calories than after a meal. Starting exercises should always be a warm-up, the best from the bottom up, ie socks from feet to head, standing upright.

Legs. Start with jumping. Here useful exercise for the buttocks, calves, and pyzhki (100 times without stopping), which relieve the beautiful half of humanity from cellulite.

Arms, shoulders, back. Knee push-ups - 10 times. Your feet should not touch the floor and your back should remain straight. It is better to look at the floor directly in front of you - this will strengthen your back.

Press. Losing belly fat the most difficult. The abdominal muscles get tired a lot faster than the feet or hands, because the stomach is always fulfills only the minimum movements. Therefore perform exercises for the press at the end of the workout.

The most important thing, however, is to make exercise a healthy daily habit. The point, of course, is - health promotion and weight loss. But if you need an extra special meaning that is guaranteed to lift you off the couch, then please:

- Think of your beautiful and expensive dress, which you now for some reason can not get into;

- The beach season is approaching, and a new swimsuit shop has opened in your street,

- A friend asks what to give you for your birthday - ask for a subscription to the gym. And take your girlfriend, of course, with you!

- Start a "calendar of success", where you will celebrate all your actions: when you conduct training, how your "centimeters" have decreased. Record your victories! Even if you only found 20 minutes in the morning to do exercises, it means that you are on your way to perfection and you can be proud of yourself!

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