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Morning exercises, part of 2

It is those who regularly engage in physical education that tire more slowly and age later. Undoubtedly, morning work-out - the best way for those who want to be beautiful and healthy, as well as keep themselves in good shape.

We already talked about the benefits of charging in a previous post, and today we will give you some more practical recommendations so that you can diversify your exercises for maximum effect.

Waist. Lying on your back, put your hands behind your neck. Bend your knees slightly. Raise the upper body and stay in this position for 6 seconds (10 times).

Neck. Lie on a flat surface, place a pillow folded in half under your head. Press your head firmly against the pillow and hold it in this position for 6 seconds (3 times).

Legs. Stretch your legs, place a pillow between them. Squeeze it tightly and stay in this position for 6 seconds (6 times). Lie on the floor with the foot of your left foot resting on the toes with your right foot - on your left (6 seconds). Change the position of the legs (perform 3 times). This is how the muscles tighten from the knee to the hip.

Charge regularly and supplement with proper nutrition!

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