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Natural juices assistance without harm

Natural juices - a drink of adherents of a healthy lifestyle. But whether they are helpful and safe? Natural juices, benefit and harm, the right methods for their preparation and use - the subject of our conversation today.

Health cocktail

Obviously, the use of particular natural juices depends on the quality and properties of the products from which they are prepared. Thus, apples are rich in pectins, trace elements, antioxidants and organic acids. The juice of this fruit is useful in anemia, vitamin deficiency, excess toxins. Orange juice, in addition to large amounts of vitamin C, is famous for the fact that strengthens blood vessels, helps to cleanse the kidneys and liver, normalizes blood pressure. Cherry juice improves appetite, has a good antipyretic and expectorant properties.

How useful juices from vegetables? Carrot juice strengthens the immune system and builds digestion. It is especially useful for children to strengthen teeth and gums, as well as problems with vision. A very popular and pumpkin juice. It effectively lowers blood sugar and "harmful" cholesterol in the blood, stimulates the blood, relieves nervous tension. Beet juice, though not a very pleasant taste, but it is a good means of preventing colds. Juice of raw beets normalizes the digestive and metabolic processes.

Before actively pass on useful natural juices, it is important to study the individual characteristics of the organism and to get acquainted with the possible contraindications.

Heal cannot be crippled

Why are natural juices harmful? Their harm, like the benefit, is determined by the properties of the components that make up it. People suffering from high acidity and peptic ulcer diseases are strictly forbidden to abuse some fruit drinks. Pineapple, apple, grape juices can provoke heartburn and exacerbation of the disease. Too sweet juices are contraindicated for diabetics and overweight people. It is best to replace them with more healthy and neutral to taste vegetable juices. Expectant mothers need to temporarily give up juices with a high content of vitamin C. It increases the tone of the uterus, which can provoke miscarriage and other complications. Beet juice is not recommended for young children as it can cause severe stomach upset.

Of course, one should not forget about various allergic reactions, fraught with painful consequences. The harm of natural juice often manifests itself with uncontrolled use. Ultimately, this can lead to poor absorption of vital elements, prolonged diarrhea and often - to obesity. 

Drinking technique

Nutritionists remind that natural juices are a separate meal, so it is best to drink them as a snack or half an hour before your next meal.

To get the maximum benefit, not harm, it is important to know how to drink natural juices. This should be done immediately after cooking, because after only an hour nearly all the nutrients will be destroyed. The average daily rate of any juice is 500-700 ml. It is not recommended to exceed it, especially if you frequently use. Furthermore, the concentrated juice is always necessary to dilute the water in equal proportions. Thus, the body assimilates them properly, and adverse reactions are not followed.

Nutritionists remind, natural juices are a separate food intake, so it's best to drink them as a snack or half an hour before another meal. It is worth considering some features of different products. For example, apples can destroy tooth enamel, so this juice is drunk through a straw. Carotene from carrot juice is fully absorbed only in the presence of fats. Add to it a little sour cream, cream or natural yogurt, and get an excellent vitamin cocktail. Do not forget that carrot juice in large quantities can color your skin and teeth in an orange tint.

Taste formula

Preparing natural juice - a simple process, especially if the hand is a juicer or blender. However, some of the subtleties will make your juice tastier and healthier. The first step is to thoroughly wash the fruit, as many overseas fruit coated with wax. If you rubbed them on a grater, try to do it quickly, t. To. Peeled fruits and vegetables very quickly deteriorate under the influence of oxygen.

Bananas, avocados and similar fruits contain very little fluid, so they whipped in a blender and then separately introduced into the cooked juice. If you prefer a sweet combination of saturated, take the honey instead of sugar or maple syrup. And if the juice, on the contrary, turned cloying, add the zest of a citrus and a little citric acid. Salt from the better to exclude - it perfectly replace parsley or celery. Experiment and mix different juices together. These colorful cocktails are much tastier and healthier monosokov.

To find out whether you can drink natural juices you and your family certainly does not hurt to ask for a doctor's recommendations. And their favorite recipes natural juices, you can share in the comments.


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