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Lose Weight in the bran: the benefits and harms

This stylish product is part of the mandatory menu of almost all who adhere to diets. What bran deserve such an honor? What should know about them before perching on a diet?


The healing power of waste

Without false lyricism is worth noting that the bran - a waste, more precisely by-product of wheat processing, rye, barley and other cereals. In fact, this grain shell in the form of tiny particles of dust and husks. For a long time considered bran diet of livestock, but in recent decades has become one of the most useful products.

Their main advantage - fiber, which, like a brush cleans our body from the inside. As a result, improves intestinal peristalsis and digestive system running smoothly. Since the coarse fibers do not allow bran fully digested, they swell in the intestine and, like a sponge, absorb excess moisture with harmful substances. Besides swollen bran create a feeling of pleasant fullness that allows to consume less calories and lose weight.

Beta-glucan contained in the bran, neutralize fatty acid, thereby normalizing the cholesterol level. And bran ideal for diabetics diet, because it does not contain harmful sugars and lowers the glycemic index of other products. In addition, they stimulate metabolism and strengthen immunity.


comply with the measure

Enough is enough - this is the main principle, which must be guided to feel the healing power of bran. The daily rate should not exceed 30 In otherwise the body will lose weight nutrients that come with other products - they simply do not have time to soak in and bring with remnants of bran. In addition, you can get a heaviness in the stomach and discomfort, constipation, intestinal microflora balance. When gastritis and duodenal ulcer in the acute stage of the bran is also better to abstain.

It is worth remembering that in the grain shell contains substances which, if consumed frequently act as a toxin. Therefore, before purchasing bran need to ensure that they receive adequate treatment. Correct bran is better to look in pharmacies or supermarkets dietary departments. But the market the products require additional heat treatment.


little subtleties

Qualitative bran absolute lack of taste and smell, have a dry crumbly consistency. For convenience, they are often sold in the form of pressed pellets of different shapes. Carefully read the bran for the presence of mold or any impurities. The bitter taste indicates poor-quality processing and harmful substances.

Do not forget that the bran - a food supplement and not a separate dish. They must interact with other products, otherwise they would be useless. Typically, a portion of bran pour water for half an hour, pour the excess liquid and add to the swollen mass of any dish. This can be cottage cheese or yogurt, sauces or dietary burgers, fresh salads and a variety of cereals and much more.

Try refreshing the usual diet, adding to the everyday dishes a little bran. Curative effect and good mood is guaranteed.


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