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Cheers: ten rules of the autumn food

Autumn is the most picturesque season. And no vagaries of nature can darken it. Survive the cold will help properly compiled autumn menu, recipes, warming heat, and reasonable nutritional principles.    

Eat balanced

In the fall, a balanced diet becomes strategic. Ahead of us is waiting for winter, and immunity requires a powerful recharge. This does not mean that you need to eat everything. On the contrary, the consumption of high-calorie foods should be reduced. In the cold, the body strenuously lays fat in reserve. In order not to get overweight, you need to eat white meat and poultry, fish and seafood, vegetable oils and nuts. Do not forget about complex carbohydrates, proteins and fiber.  

Observe mode

Chicken breast with stewed vegetables - great for dinner

There are often, but in moderation - an important principle of supply fall. To do this, follow a simple formula: the three main meals plus three snacks. In the morning, refuel with the whole family cereals and cheese dishes. Try to keep the dinner was rich and moderately dense. In no case do not overeat at dinner. Chicken breast with steamed vegetables - the perfect end of the day. Give up the habit kusochnichat. Choose snacks for bananas, avocados and dried fruits.

Cook soups

Hot soups are irreplaceable dishes for autumn. Especially if it's mushroom soup. Simmer chopped carrots and onions in oil until golden brown. Then add 150 g of mushrooms, 2 potato sticks and simmer for another 3-5 minutes. Pour vegetables with 1 liter of broth and cook until the potatoes are cooked. At the end, pour 150 g of vermicelli, salt and spices to taste. This simple but extremely tasty dish will appeal to all household members.   

Stocking cereals

Make brown rice side dish

In the off-season it is important to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. Here we will help fiber-rich cereals: buckwheat, barley, oats, rye, wheat and brown rice. Garnish they make tasty and nutritious. Yes, and any other dishes they can always find a place. Do not forget the whole-grain pasta and bakery products. In using them in moderation, you are running is the metabolism and do not reach a single gram of excess weight.

Cooking with potatoes

Potato casserole will appeal to both adults and children

The main vegetable in September is potatoes, and the best autumn dish from them is a casserole. We pass through a meat grinder 400 g of beef with an onion and a bunch of parsley, fry the minced meat in oil. Boil 1 kg of potatoes and make mashed potatoes from them. Put half in a baking dish, tamp the minced meat on top and close it with the remaining mashed potatoes. Lubricate the casserole with sour cream, sprinkle with grated cheese and place in an oven preheated to 180 ° C for 45 minutes. You couldn't imagine a more suitable meal for the whole family.

Go to dairy products

Add fresh seasonal berries to your homemade

Dairy products are a key element of the fall diet. It is important to consume cottage cheese, kefir or yogurt every day. It is a great boost for immunity. Live yoghurts are especially beneficial. They are easy to make at home by purchasing a special sourdough starter from the pharmacy. A bag of such a leaven is diluted in 3 tbsp. l. milk, poured into 1 liter of milk heated to 40 ° C, and kept in a thermos for 6 hours. This yogurt is the first choice for babies.

Fantasizing with vegetables

Before serving, decorate the dish with fresh herbs and pumpkin seeds

While it is possible, lean on fresh vegetables and cook them of autumn dishes such as stew of pumpkin. Fry onion in butter, carrots and bell pepper. When they soften, add the pumpkin cubes g 300 and 2 tomato without skin. Simmer vegetables 10 minutes and make sure they do not seethe. In the end we put a pinch of salt and pepper. The beauty of food is that it can be eaten just like that, or served as a side dish. Before serving, garnish with fresh herbs and pumpkin seeds.

Making blanks

Such a piece of summer in the bank will definitely warm you in the winter

In September it is still time for the autumn recipes blanks. Fill with boiling water 2 sliced ​​pears and bring to a boil. From the resulting broth and cook 1 kg of sugar syrup. Fill them pears, plums g 500, 200 g grapes, apple cubes 2 5 minutes and cook. Separately boil sliced ​​lemon and orange circles. We connect them with the rest of the fruit, tormented to transparency and canning. This piece of summer in the bank is required to warm you in winter.

Choosing healthy sweets

Dried fruits are tasty and healthy.

Favorite bun with tea, perhaps, warm, but for it to pay overweight. Meanwhile, the sweets have to indulge yourself with benefit. On the shelves of the past can still be found in the watermelon season, melons, grapes and pears. It's time to think about the dried apricots, prunes and dates. Home fruit pastes, natural marmalade and honey, too, will sweeten the mood for the whole family in a healthy way.

We arrange tea drinking

Tea carcade

It is best to warm in the cold hot aromatic tea. Enrich recipe collection autumn tart hibiscus drinks. Remove the bones from the 10 sink, cook them in 5 500 minutes ml of water, put a stick of cinnamon and a pinch of vanilla. We strain the broth and bring to a boil again. Fill them a mixture of 2 Art. l. hibiscus and 1 Art. l. black tea, wrapped a towel and insist 10 minutes. Do not forget to add in slices of plum tea, and sweeten it with honey for children.

We hope our recommendations will be useful to you. May this autumn be bright, carefree and rich in happy events. Take care of yourself and your loved ones! 

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