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Moon diet

It is well known that the moon influences people, many even believe that it has some kind of magic power. To learn how you can use this power for the benefit of their health, says Boris Akimov, the author of the newly published book "Wonders of the lunar diet."

The physical effect of the Moon to the Earth and its inhabitants is large enough, it is the maximum at the full moon, when the Earth is between the moon and the sun. For example, the full moon is reduced activity ( "thins" the blood) clotting. Surgeons who know about it, try not to carry out operations that may be complicated by hemorrhage.

The full moon affects the mental state of all people without exception. Weak it can manifest itself in sleepwalking, from the strong - to enhance intuition and even magical abilities.

Waxing Crescent contributes additions, increasing and decreasing moon - reduction, destruction, disposal, and that is why the so-called lunar diet was developed. It not only helps to lose weight (up to 1,5 kg per cycle), but does not allow the weight to come back - the body gets used to a lower food consumption and have not asked!

Very effective and lunar diet to get rid of bad habits - for the duration of each cycle, you can refuse, for example, smoking, fatty foods, sweets, coffee ...

Moon diet is also used for the recovery of the body: prevention and treatment of hypertension, kidney stone disease, atherosclerosis, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, liver, chronic inflammations, dermatitis and allergies (including asthma), and even tumors - both benign and malignant.

Moon diet is conducted within five days of the full moon.

The first day - the penultimate day of the waxing moon. Red day.

Vegetables and fruits red.

The first half of the day - vegetables: tomatoes, carrots;

Afternoon - fruits: red apples (optional), red grapes, persimmon, pomegranate, watermelon, cherry, sweet cherry.

Expand the diet may be due to buckwheat morning rinse and soak 300 g buckwheat, with a strong sense of hunger, you can eat it with honey, but even better to soak and eat. Get your will, because the most important victory - a victory over himself!

Drink black tea, hibiscus, rosemary, thyme. At night - hot tea with honey and aspirin.

The task of the first day is to prepare the body for purification. As a rule, it is tolerated satisfactorily.

The second day is the last day of the growing moon. White Day.

Vegetables and white fruit.

The first half of the day - vegetables: cucumbers, cabbage;

Afternoon - Fruits: apples (optional), grapes, pear, banana, melon.

Instead of buckwheat can wash and soak in the morning 300 grams of rice, and with a strong sense of hunger have it with honey, but it is better not to eat and soak.

Beverages: green tea, lemon balm, chamomile, lemonade fresh lemon with honey.

The second day in humans, have not previously practiced purification diet can cause discomfort, including death. This condition is easy to pass if you drink hot tea or other recommended on this day drink.

The third - a full moon. Water day.

Only water (spring, artesian, better melt) of at least one liter. You can boil it, but dead tap water, even if it is cleaned, do not use. In fact, it is a day of fasting. People who do not have experience of fasting, may this day to experience a state of discomfort or weakness. This condition will pass after two or three cycles of the lunar diet.

The fourth day - the first day of the waning moon. White Day.

Morning - cabbage and cucumber juice.

Afternoon - white juice of apples, lemonade, fresh lemon with honey and other white juices.

The fifth day - the second day of the waning moon. Red day.

Morning - tomato and carrot juice.

Afternoon - juice red apple and other juices.

The more you drink the juice in these two days, the better, within reason, of course. Ideal - fresh juices.

In case of discomfort drink hot green tea with honey.

Since the moon diet is considered magical, during these five days:

- Be sure to see the moon (preferably the full moon), and looking at it, just read the 12 plot:

Moonlight - the prohibition disease.

In his case the moon - I have a healthy body.

- Advisable to wear light clothing (lunar shades) and silver ornaments;

- To do as much as possible water treatments, especially in the evening (or cold douche before going to bed, and is ideal to go to the bath in the water per day).

After the diet the body will clear and will require regular, healthy meals, in addition to smaller quantities. Listen to it and continue to strengthen their health!

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