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Superfudy - the tale of a healthy life?

Food industry and then throws us fashion trends. Today inquisitive consumers strongly advised to include in the diet superfudy. What it is? What is their exclusivity? And most importantly, what really lies behind the promising title?


Superfoods, as their manufacturers swear, are miracle products with an astounding amount of useful substances, without which our body will wither and lose its vitality. As a rule, these are exotic products, which are marketed in the form of powders, dried berries, seeds or roots. Most of the newfangled superfoods were widely used by ancient healers. Traditions of antiquity were taken up by modern marketers, generously embellished and supplemented with legends of their own work. Well, superfoods themselves were placed in beautiful packages, providing inscriptions like "bio" or "organic". So are superfoods remarkable, the benefits and harm of which causes heated controversy? Let's look at specific examples.

Alive and very helpful

It is worth considering that the specific bitter taste of natural beans is unlikely to please your homemade sweets.

A place of honor in the rating of fashionable superfoods is occupied by live cocoa beans. This is not a new form of life, but only raw coffee tree fruits that have not been processed. It is in this form they show the best qualities: they remove toxins from the body, help to reduce weight, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, make the skin velvety, make the brain work better, etc. This really corresponds to reality. Only when it comes to wild beans. Artificially grown analogs are considered a surrogate, in addition they are often treated with pesticides. It is worth considering that the specific bitter taste of natural beans is unlikely to please your home sweet.

Acai youth

You can’t find acai in its purest form - it is added to yoghurts, juices and nutritious bars.

Acai berries, popular today, were discovered in the forests of the Amazon only a couple of decades ago. Superfood manufacturers immediately called them the berries of youth and longevity. As proof, they presented the natives, happily living to a hundred years, allegedly thanks to the Acai. This berry really contains a lush bouquet of antioxidants and minerals, cleanses the body and strengthens the immune system. But there is an important nuance. You won't find pure acai in stores - it is added to yoghurts, juices and nutritional bars. But they contain no more than 10% of the berry, so there is little sense from its healing properties. Nutritionists urge not to grieve, but to remember the rosehip, which is very close in composition to acai. Moreover, the fragrant broth from it will cheer up your household if the summer sun bakes too much.

Goji Madness

The only thing that is beyond doubt is the high content of antioxidants in goji

Goji has long been replicated as an effective weight loss product. The bright red berries that look like raisins are high protein superfoods. Therefore, they can replace meat, fish and fatty dairy products. Goji have a rejuvenating effect, cleanse the blood vessels, fight fatigue, increase libido and even fight cancer. They are also called the berries of happiness, because they cheer up and treat depression. Alas, no scientific evidence has been found for all this. The only thing that is beyond doubt is the high content of antioxidants in goji. However, any berries can boast of this quality. In addition, from our native blueberries, lingonberries, raspberries, blackberries and currants, you can still make a huge number of wonderful summer desserts.

Behold the seed

Chia seeds improve bowel function, suppress appetite, transform skin, nails and hair

Sesame-like chia seeds were first tasted by the Mayans and Aztecs centuries ago. For the ancient Indians, they were quite ordinary food. But today chia is a miraculous product, which, as they assure, heals from any diseases. It mainly strengthens the heart, cleanses the blood vessels and improves blood clotting. And these seeds improve intestinal function, suppress appetite, transform skin, nails and hair. If you look at their composition, you can find the familiar omega-3 and omega-6 acids, abundance of protein, fiber, antioxidants, zinc, potassium and iron. A similar set of components is found in flax seeds, which are much cheaper. If you replace them with linseed oil, you can cook dozens of super-healthy dishes for the whole family for the joy of at least every day.   

Sea miracle

Real experience shows that dried algae can be replaced without loss of use by ordinary ones, which are in any supermarket

Dried Spirulina Kelp is another vibrant and trendy superfood. Truth and fiction about her have long been mixed together. In fact, this is a food supplement, 70% protein and literally stuffed with B vitamins. This combination is mainly typical for food of animal origin. This is why spirulina is so popular with vegetarians. Among the supporters of diets there are also many of her fans. They are convinced that algae cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, actively helping to lose weight. However, this fact has not been objectively confirmed. Real experience shows that dried seaweed can be replaced without loss of benefits with the usual ones found in any supermarket. And plant protein reserves can be replenished with the help of legumes.

To be or not to be in your family superfudam menu to you. This is quite a healthy food that can be helpful with a reasonable approach. However panacea superfudy not exactly be called.

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