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Double vanilla

Spa for two - one of the most unique gifts that you can do for your loved one or, alternatively, to receive from him as a gift. But we are ready to participate in the spa-Procedures with elements of eroticism? Irina Romanova, check it out on their own experience.

Make a gift to her husband is never easy - for some reason come to mind most prosaic things, and you want something memorable. While I once again puzzled over this problem, I saw an advertisement "Spa for two" - A set of body care procedures that you can go through a couple, together with a girlfriend or a young man. As it turned out, almost all major spa-salons offer this romantic service. The programs were one more attractive than the other: chocolate wrap with fresh oranges, aroma peeling with natural oils of neroli or lemongrass, a font with champagne ... I, as a woman, of course, dreamed of a massage with lulur (a mask of yogurt and spices that the Indonesian princesses applied on the eve of the wedding ) and a bath with pink petals. But judging that my husband needed something stronger, I settled on a Balinese massage in one of the spa salons in the center of Moscow. The salon offered three programs to choose from: a warming and tonic "Jamu Bian", a detox "Jamu Java" with a scrub of freshly ground coffee and coconut, and a relaxing and rejuvenating "Jamuang Spice". I signed up for Spice.  

About three days before the appointed time, I noticed that I worry. Undress in front of her husband in a beauty salon, among mirrors, candles and canopy - is not the same thing at home to jump naked into his bed! Therefore, all three days before the campaign in the spa, I was preparing: a hair mask - to make the hair look more magnificent, a face mask - to refresh the complexion, body scrub - to make the skin on the hips cast in mother-of-pearl. Especially carefully I did a pedicure and epilation of the bikini zone. Finally the day of "Spice" arrived. At 11 in the morning my husband and I, dressed in brown terry dressing gowns, stood in glistening gold and ocher hall of the salon. From the half-open doors leading deep into the spa, there was a smell of salt water. A guy and a girl approached us. "I'm Alexei, and I'm Katya," they introduced themselves. "I will be your masseur," said Katya, addressing me. "And I am yours." "But you can reverse it," his husband asked. - And then what will I tell the children? ».

According to legend, a ritual similar to "Dzhamuanskim spices", for four hundred years - it held before the wedding, all the kings of Bali. The ceremony began with washing the feet with water, to which was added mountain salt, wild mint and cloves to help relieve muscle and nervous tension. Then the masters applied a mask of hand-pounded white rice and ginger to our bodies - rice nourishes the skin, and ginger tones it and improves blood circulation. The mask was followed by a deep and aromatic massage, as vanilla was added to the oil. During the massage - a scrub with cinnamon and pandanus, crushed leaves of an Indonesian plant rich in vitamins and amino acids. The treatment was completed with an invigorating javanese pepper bath.  

Massage - trump card "Dzhamuanskih spices." Katya and Alexei performed it in the traditional Bali technique - stretching the muscles, then kneading for a long time, then pressing on the acupuncture points. Despite the fact that only Aleksey turned out to be a professional massage therapist, and Katya was just his wife and student, the husband was very pleased with the massage: “I felt such lightness in my body for the last time fifteen years ago, after we steamed with a friend in Karelia John in a centenary bath. " But there was little eroticism in "Spices". What kind of erotica! Moving from one office to another, we kept taking the elevator. A third of the procedure laughed, looking at each other, pupated during a mask under thermal blankets on couches under a white canopy. And the promised common bath in the final was not at all. "The big bathtub is not working yet" - Alexey apologized, taking me and my husband to different offices. As a result, my husband plunged alone into a seething infusion of Java pepper, while I lay in complete calm with a thick moisturizing mask on my face.

After the bath, we drank infused with spicy herbal tea with honey in the interior lobby. "I would have done without washing of the feet, and more time devoted to massage", - said the husband, a doctor by training, but overall "Spice" like him. - After the bath, the water does not flow through the body, and the elastic rolls drops - a sign that the body has come into order. You all remember well? Houses can repeat? ". I thought that Russia - not love the country and that even such a beautiful thing as a «spa for two," we turn into the medical procedure.

When we returned home, it was getting dusk. Balinese massage quietly doing its job. Instead of a cake, champagne and kissing my husband and I fell asleep. And slept all night.

But then there was morning.

And it smelled like vanilla ...

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