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Main course - is the culmination of any meal, a dish that is the most important on the holiday table. Before it is fed, it is desirable to take a break at this time you will be able to remove the used plates and cutlery, and add the bread.

Typically, a main hot dish consists of three parts: the main product (meat, poultry, fish), a side dish, and a sauce.

Before the direct serving of the dish to the table, it must be beautifully decorated, properly arranged on a plate. Use a flat dinner plate with a diameter of at least 25 cm. Place a serving in the center of the plate, remembering that you do not need to overload the plate. This is necessary to make the treat look beautiful. If in doubt, what plates to choose, take white. White ware will not visually compete with the food that is served on it. White color will provide contrast, due to which the dish will look more colorful, and its texture - more attractive. It is for this reason that white dishes are the standard choice of chefs in restaurants around the world. Another important point: garnish should harmonize with the main dish and to taste, and by color. Ah, how appetizing it will look, for example, a roast chicken with a bright vegetable garnish! And the dish, seasoned with drops of sauce, aromatic herbs or spices, the dish will look especially tempting!

The temperature of the main courses when applying should not be lower than 65 ° C. To remain longer hot dish, use a pre-warmed porcelain plates. Dishes from the new collection of Julia Vysotsky and WILMAX - the best solution for serving festive table!

Do not forget about the rest of the servings. Cutlery, glasses and tablecloths will also help to strengthen the overall perception of dishes served at the table.

In our next post, we will talk about feeding dessert. Stay with us!

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