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Table layout by Julia Vysotsky and WILMAX: FEED DESSERT

Dessert is the final dish that is served at the end of the meal and is intended to create a pleasant aftertaste. Desserts can be sweet - pastries, pies and cakes, ice cream, mousses, jellies - and
unsweetened - cheese, nuts, fruits.

To serve dessert, you will need 20 cm diameter dessert plates and small cutlery. A dessert fork is good for sweet pies and cakes, and a dessert spoon is more convenient for softer foods such as mousses and puddings. Freshly brewed tea will be a good addition to the dessert. Sophistication and special sophistication in serving tea can be created with the help of a beautiful porcelain teapot and tea cups. Porcelain is also good because it keeps heat for a long time and does not allow the tea to cool quickly.

Serve fruits such as beautifully sliced ​​melon or grapes on a porcelain oval platter.

We wish you a pleasant pastime at the dessert table!

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