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Table layout by Julia Vysotsky and WILMAX: Submission salad

It is simply impossible to imagine any meal without salads. Let's pay attention to the beauty of serving and think over the correct serving of salads.

You can serve the salad in the traditional way, in a large salad bowl, from where each guest will take the desired amount of the dish.

But if you want to make your table more original, a beautiful serving of salads is what you need. To do this, you need to have beautiful small salad bowls, measuring 12-13 cm in diameter, the number of which should be equal to the number of your guests together with your household. And snack plates are used as coasters for individual salad bowls.

Try to keep your salads bright, combine ingredients in different colors - green, red, yellow, orange. This will give not only a beautiful look to the dish, but will also affect the guests' appetite, increasing it. Serve the salad in beautiful white porcelain bowls for extra sophistication!

And our next publication will be devoted to decorating the New Year's table.

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