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Table layout by Julia Vysotsky and WILMAX

The art of table setting and dining etiquette every day cause more interest. And not have to wait for the guests to beautifully arrange the table, you can create a cozy atmosphere for everyday meal in the family circle.

You just need to choose the right dishes, table textiles and decorations, which should be in harmony among themselves in color and style. To decorate the table, you can use low bouquets of flowers and small compositions of candles.

So let's start serving our table!

For each participant of the feast, just in front of the chair, we put a fake plate with a diameter of at least 25 on the table. We will place a snack bar on the festive plate, the most convenient is the 20 plate, see.

The table setting will be especially beautiful if you use chinaware. For example, from the collection presented by Yulia Vysotskaya together with WILMAX. This unique collection of white porcelain tableware will surely give any table the most elegant look!

Now let's do cutlery. To the right of the plates we place the knives in the following order: closer to the plate is a table knife, to the right next to it is a snack knife. All knives should face the blade to the plate. On the left, closer to the plate, place the fork for the main course, then the fork for a snack.

Turn came to the glasses. Their quantity depends on how many drinks you are going to serve. Glasses and glasses set from right to left, starting from the tip of the first knife, in accordance with the order of drinking beverages - a glass that will be needed earlier, should be at the extreme right. 

And do not forget about bread: it can be served in a wicker basket!

That's all for today. In the next article we will talk about how to serve snacks.


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