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Over the past 5 years in Russia, the sales of food supplements for beauty and health have increased by 21%. A company CocaGlue и Danon is about to release on the market of teas and yogurt with a cosmetic effect. The future nutrikosmetikoy? Irina Romanova conducted its own investigation.

We chatted on the veranda over tea with Irina, my neighbor in the country, an actress in one of the Moscow theaters. Suddenly Ira took out a jar - it looked like for vitamins - and ate a teaspoon of green jelly. “It's a dietary supplement,” she said. - I bought it in Japan, in a supermarket. Improves skin and hair. I have always respected Lyudmila Gurchenko - she decided not to age and did not grow old. I also want to stay young for a long time. " 

The idea that a person is aging due to the accumulation in the body of special molecules - free radicals - the first time expressed the American scientist Dennis Hartman. Conducting experiments with laboratory mice in 50-s, he noticed that those rodents that received food artificially enriched with vitamins and minerals, grew older more slowly than their fellows. A person also needs to balance the diet on micronutrients, he decided. However, the production of tablets of youth was put on stream only at the beginning of the XXI century, when scientists discovered the anti-radical formula - vitamins E и Сbeta-carotene,polifenolыzincselenium, as well as essential fatty acids - Omega-3 и Omega-6. It is believed that in combination, these substances protect against fading skin, nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems.

In principle, all materials included in the formulas of beauty are contained in foods.Fatty acids are rich salmon и walnutbeta carotene carrot, vitamin C - apple иlemon. But scientists say: the last half century, all agricultural products are grown in greenhouses, resulting in the amount of vitamins in fruits and vegetables fell by 15 – 20%. During storage, some nutrients are also lost - so that salmon valuable acids remained, the fish should be eaten immediately after it was caught.

So now in the West, a real boom in the nutraceuticals - Badami beauty are 80% of Americans and Europeans 65%. Winona Ryder and Sienna Miller take Pomega-5 tablets - their pomegranate oil smoothes the skin. Nicole Richie and Carmen Electra - Hoodia and NV slimming teas based on hoodia gordoni cactus extract. Naomi Campbell trusts Imedeen products based on marine products. Opponent of dietary supplements is only Madonna, who refused a four millionth contract with a company that produces diet pills: “I don’t drink supplements and do not advise anyone. Do you know what they mixed there? ”

In Russia, according to statistics, beauty pills are used by about 15% of consumers. It is believed that the reputation of nutritional supplements was damaged by Herbalife, which was touted as a remedy for all diseases. But there is one more reason: “Nutritional supplements are the prevention of diseases,” explains the dermatologist, Ph.D. Maria Berenben, director of the Russian office of the Jaldes laboratory. - In Europe now it is not fashionable to be old and sick, and people take care of their health in advance. In Russia, at seminars on dermatology, doctors yawn when I talk about nutraceuticals - they can't wait for me to switch to mesotherapy sooner.

However, I phoned friends, I found a couple of people who use dietary supplements and are very happy with them. Lera, a presenter on a small music channel, is afraid to get better and complains about her hair and skin, ruined by makeup and styling. So for the past couple of years she has been taking selenium, zinc, fish oil, vitamin E, and a reindeer antler drug. “I have breakfast like this: a spoonful of porridge - a handful of pills, a sip of tea - a handful of pills,” she laughs. Another nutraceutical adept is Andrey. He is a businessman and suffers from constant overwork, so he takes dietary supplements in courses - in early spring and late autumn. "I won't say that I fly on supplements, but I endure the day much more vigorously - I don't try to sleep on the sofa in the office at lunchtime."

But are beauty pills really as effective as they are talked about? After all, Lera, and Andrew, and my country neighbor, Ira, are fed not only with dietary supplements - they all lead a healthy lifestyle: they visit the gym, follow a diet (a fishgreen saladsprotein omeletslentilsauerkraut), And in winter for a couple of weeks they leave to the south to get vitamins "direct supplies". And I decided to put my own experiment. At my home live two decorative rats, the average life expectancy of which 2-2,5 year. I feed them with food enriched with vitamins and minerals, baby curd, oatmeal and village apples. But still, by the second year of life, the rats had aged a little: the skin was shining no longer, they began to sleep more. Do not try to give them dietary supplements? If the anti-radical formula works, the results will be visible after a couple of months. I will tell you about them.

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