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A vacuum cleaner. And for the kitchen too,

We have heard a lot and hear about updates constantly emerging home appliances, including a vacuum cleaner. Among them are models for both wet and dry cleaning units, which themselves go from room to room and remove dust.

But, you see, every housewife dreams of such a wonderful electronic assistant who could collect dust, remove spilled water, eliminate blockage in the sink, help her husband drill dustless wall to hang a picture.

A dream can come true, such a versatile vacuum cleaner exists! Universal vacuum cleaners, which are indispensable, neither in the rooms, nor in the kitchen, nor even in the garage are presented by an American company Shop-Vac®.

For over 40 years Shop-Vac® manufactures innovative and high-quality universal vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning, as well as a variety of accessories. Company Shop-Vac® globally recognized as a leading manufacturer of universal vacuum cleaners. Moreover, vacuum cleaners come in several lines, which means that you can find just such an electronic assistant on the farm, dreamed about!

The main difference between multi-functional vacuum cleaner Shop-Vac that they effectively remove any debris absolutely! Even those that remained after repair or construction: nails, broken glass, concrete chips, pea gravel, wood chips, fillers and the like, as well as water. Agree that a vacuum cleaner is so effective you can only dream of. Of course, there were bulky professional, and, accordingly, is incredibly expensive models, but afford to buy them could not everyone.

Another nice thing: to persuade her husband to buy this vacuum cleaner is quite simple. Just tell him that ShopVac is a function of the synchronized connection of power. This means that after buying a vacuum cleaner your husband will find indispensable for the work in the workshop and garage!

As you know, the kitchen is a "workshop" for preparing food for the whole family, which means it takes a lot of time and energy to clean, and if you still need to clean the bathroom and hallway, then a full-scale cleaning can be compared with a change in the open-hearth Shop. Spilled tea or juice, broken for luck, utensils, coffee grounds, potato peelings, spilled earth from flower pots, traces of numerous pranks of children and pets, large debris in the hallway and ordinary dust - everyone will "swallow" the compact universal vacuum cleaner for wet And dry cleaning ShopVac Microphone. Even now the blockage in the sink would not stop the hostess in her noble work to restore order in the "hearth", vacuum cleaner Microphone help fix the problem without calling the plumber. Vacuum cleaners ShopVac Microphone are very popular. This is understandable: compact size, light weight, soft design lines, plus brand advantages ShopVac: High capacity, heavy duty air flow, extensive grade brushes and other accessories. All this together makes the compact universal vacuum cleaners Microphone essential and mandatory assistants modern housewife in many countries.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner is very easy to clean: you just need to unfasten the motor "head" and shake out the collection tank, and this is another advantage of multifunctional universal vacuum cleaners over traditional vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning. And, of course, the cost of such a vacuum cleaner is also important, and it is very, very pleasant - 4 rubles. If you think about it, then in a month, putting things in order in the kitchen, we change 190-2 sponges, 3-2 rags for cleaning surfaces, and if you also count the means for shining metal surfaces and polishes, replaceable sponges for a mop, paper towels, it will turn out, that this vacuum cleaner will pay off in 3-3 months, and it will last for years. Information about where you can order and purchase the Shop-Vac universal wet and dry vacuum cleaners can be obtained by calling 4 (8) 495-781-21, or by going to the website in the "Where to Buy" section on link

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