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Raw food diet

raw food diet (natural food, veganism) in its pure form does not exist in any world culture. Dr. Boris Akimov tells about the advantages and disadvantages of such nutrition.

Ever since man tamed fire, he cooks, cooks, bakes almost all, especially in a country with such climatic conditions, such as Russia.

Food from the fire becomes hot, thereby supporting thermogenesis, and undergoes destruction, which makes it more convenient for digestion (try gnawing wheat or rice grains!), The products acquire a different, more familiar taste for us (raw potatoes generally seem inedible).

However, you can have all the raw, and some people practice a raw food diet of the Paleolithic Age: all from apples to meat only in crude form. Raw food diet is a classic form refers to vegetarianism and veganism to a more strict. Vegans consume only vegetarian food, excluding vegetarians consumed dairy products.

For the benefit of raw food consumption says:

its higher biological activity;

preservation of all useful and necessary nutrients (nutrients);

the presence of fiber, strengthens teeth, and necessary for digestion;

- Absence of harmful substances formed during heat treatment of the food.

If you eat only boiled or fried food, and the Russians generally well fed, the body will not be getting all the necessary nutrients. Experiments famous physiologist AM Ugolev showed that autolysis (self-digestion) to 50% is provided by enzymes that are consumed in the diet, and are activated by enzymes located in the saliva and gastric juice. When a heat treatment of the autolytic enzymes destroyed, as most vitamins. Therefore, scurvy was a scourge of seafarers as long as they did not occur to take a voyage lemons and sauerkraut.

In addition, raw food does not excite the appetite, because it contains a little essential oil, which is very important in overweight scourge of modern man. Although, if you take a glass of seeds in your hands, then you will not stop until you change everything!

Raw foodists menu similar to the following: salad greens and vegetables with nuts and milled with a peel of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, pumpkin. Cereals soaked, ground and germinated. fresh and dry fruits (taken separately). Green tea or herbs and berries with honey instead of sugar.

Supporter of the raw food diet is a legend of the world of weightlifting Yuri Vlasov and naturopath G. Shatalov. Raw food diet is the best remedy for certain diseases of the stomach and intestines, and metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, lowered immunity ... Raw foodists believe that natural food can cure most diseases.

However, the complete rejection of animal products (milk) seems superfluous. A boiled porridge tastier crude. And in the stomach with a weak enzyme function better cooked meals. And the man originally omnivorous the more diverse its food, the more useful it is. And the British Institute of Nutrition considers vegetarian raw food as unacceptable for children.

Therefore, the raw food diet is best viewed as a recreational and purifying diet, applying it, for example, one or two days a week, especially after the "food festivals". In its raw form it is definitely worth to eat fruits and vegetables - on the content of vitamins and minerals necessary for the person, of all the products they have in the first place!



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