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«I want to tell about the little household drama that recently happened to me. I can not call myself a model hostess, but the heat in the hearth support hard. The more time I spend in the kitchen all part of the duties and willingly pass appliances.

Not so long ago, her rows were replenished with the Candy Evo Space Simply-Fi dishwasher. By the way, she was getting her from abroad, through her acquaintances. I really liked it.

This is the latest dishwasher with built-in Wi-Fi. It is about him that will be discussed. Many people wonder why it is needed. I explain popularly. With its help, you can start the dishwasher remotely and completely control the process, even if you are not at home. When a bunch of things to do on the list, it's very convenient. You just need to download the application to your phone.

So. Recently we all the family rushed to the sea. Everything turned out spontaneously, so they left in a hurry. And in the general turmoil, I completely forgot about unwashed dishes. I remembered her already on the way to the airport. As luck would have it, the mother promised to come to the cat on the same day, so that she would not get bored. And as usual, our apartment was waiting for an inspection with subsequent claims. Dirty dishes without her sensitive attention would not remain. I did not want to listen to the lecture on housekeeping, and I began to scold myself with the last words. But then it dawned on me. After all, the dishwasher can be turned on through the phone! Fortunately, I guessed to put the dishes in it. It all took a few seconds. And soon I received a message that the sink was safely completed. I breathed a sigh of relief. And in the evening, with a sinking heart, she telephoned my mother. The only complaint was the dust on the closet.

So Candy rescued me great. Incidentally, Wi-Fi - is not its only advantage. Function menu a 'la carte, for example, helps to choose the best program based on the volume of dishes, degree of contamination, temperature, etc.. Favorite settings can be saved and easily reproduce if necessary.

If suddenly during the operation of the machine the water is turned off, the salt level will be wrong or there will be a problem, then a message will come immediately. Moreover, in the event of a failure, the system will describe in detail what is wrong and what measures need to be taken. And all this is an accessible language. Even terry humanists like me will figure out what's wrong.  

The machine itself is compact, powerful and very roomy. In it at the same time you can load whole 16 sets of dishes - this one no longer exists. There, among other things, it's easy to enter and go out my favorite tremendous plates. And other cumbersome utensils fit without problems. So at the expense of capacity on water with electricity, you can save. And the most economical mistresses of the dishwasher will remind you when low tariffs for light are in effect. Well, of course, the car washes the dishes at the highest level. All thanks to a filter with three degrees of purification. By the way, she still has a special hygiene program, which is suitable for washing children's dishes.

In general, I do not like the helper Candy. I know for sure that you can rely on her in any situation and she will never let you down. ” 

Special project Candy and "Let's Eat at Home!"

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