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Appliances with Wi-Fi - friend or foe?

Only yesterday it seemed to us that the technique to execute any command, as if by magic - it's science fiction tale. A similar technology is already part of our lives. One of these innovations is the household appliances with built-in Wi-Fi, around which every now and then there are myths.


Debunk them can be an example of innovative household appliances Candy SimplyFi. The main myth is that technology with Wi-Fi is absolutely a waste of money. However, it is Wi-Fi that provides simple and convenient control of household appliances, even at a distance. It does not matter where you are: nurse a child in the next room, walk with a pet in the yard or make purchases a few kilometers from home. Control is carried out through an application that is installed on a smartphone or tablet. This is very convenient, given that we almost never for a minute part with your favorite gadgets.

"And so what?" - asked many housewives. Conventional dishwasher can also be included, and quietly go about their business. The main difference technology with Wi-Fi is that it is not just runs itself, but is working on a specific task in detail. So, dishwasher EVO Space SimplyFi analyzes the complexity of the contamination and the amount of dishes, accurately selecting the desired program. Therefore, you do not have to wash greasy pan or baking again.

The opinions that such a technique can fail and start to freak out in the kitchen are unfounded. It is fully controlled through the app and constantly alerts you to possible unforeseen situations. For example, the ADAPTIVA SimplyFi hob will inform you that the required heating power has been reached, or indicate the current cooking time. The SimplyFi cooker hood will instantly warn you about the appearance of smoke in the kitchen. And the Elite SimplyFi oven will remind you that it's time to wash it.

There is another common misconception: that if during the operation of the washing machine will fail in your absence, it will be impossible to stop. First, it will flood the kitchen, and then the neighbors - and then down the drain. In reality it is not so. Washing machine Candy GRANDO 'SimplyFi sends you a message if something went wrong, and then she quit.

Some moms are afraid to leave the vain inquisitive children alone with smart appliances. Even the most adventurous geeks will not be able to change the settings in the refrigerator KRIO Vital Evo SimplyFi or climb where you do not need. Child lock will prevent any trouble.

Thrifty housewives believe that such innovative technology consumes a lot of energy, but because utility bills are astronomical. With Candy SimplyFi are reversed. Appliances provided with a function of monitoring power consumption and choose the most economical operating mode.

As you can see, the myths about the uselessness of technology with Wi-Fi are greatly exaggerated. You yourself will not notice how easy it is to make friends with her and acquire a faithful ally, who will gladly take on some of the household chores.       

Special project and Candy "Eat at Home!"

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