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10 thousand years ago the ancestors cooked potted plants

Ceramic products used for the preparation of vegetable food More 10 thousand years ago. Recently, archaeologists have found the earliest evidence of ancient people treated seeds, leaves and stems of plants by means of pottery.

These findings significantly increase the list of things that previously ate the ancient people. In addition, research scientists from the University of Bristol and tells of the early methods of food preparation, write "News".

Variety in the diet, according to scientists, is an important factor in human evolution. Preparation plants for food was a turning point, as people started to get more starch as an energy source. Also, the use of ceramic tableware in the cooking process helped significantly diversify the culinary process. All this has enabled people to turn previously unsuitable for use in edible product.

The researchers decided to find out whether the results were in North Africa serve as pottery for cooking write ancient hunter-gatherers. Recent lived in the Sahara more at a time when it was flowering savanna with plenty of greenery and lakes. It is noted that the earlier archaeologists have found evidence of prehistoric plants cooking utensils.

By the way, some experts believe that pottery was invented twice, and in completely different parts of the world - North Africa and East Asia. And, as is known, in such dishes stored, for example, milk. However, the scientists wanted to find out, and other features of these products.

They analyzed 110 fragments of pottery found in two places in the Libyan Sahara, where people lived 10200-8400 years ago. Experts have identified biomarkers and chemicals in the pottery that indicate the plant debris.

More detailed studies have revealed a wide range of plants that were once handled in pottery. Apparently, using different parts of plants - the seeds, leaves and stems. But most interesting is that the residues and aquatic plants were first found.

The study showed that treatment of plants in the ceramics practiced over 400 years (or even more), which indicates the importance of plants in ancient peoples living in the prehistoric Sahara.

"Until now, the importance of plants to use them for food the ancient people remained under doubt, but our work shows that they are an important food source. The ability to cook vegetarian food extended the range of products that people can use, "- says lead author Julie Dunn (Julie Dunne).

Previously, archaeologists have found in the same study places the remnants of a variety of plants and stones, which were used for grinding plants and seeds into flour. It is possible that ancient people were preparing something like porridge.

Furthermore, in these places rock drawings depicting a man collecting plants were found. However, the new data for the first time show that plants do in preparing ceramics.

"Traces of vegetable waxes and oils inside ancient ceramic paint us a completely different picture of how the Sahara inhabitants used the dishes, compared with what happened in other parts of the world at the time. All this fits very well in our theory that the domestication of animals and cultivation of plants went separate ways in Africa, Europe and Asia ", - adds Richard Evershed (Richard Evershed) from the University of Bristol.

A study on the culinary preferences of ancient people published in the scientific publication Nature Plants. We add that the authors of the project “Vesti. Science” have repeatedly told about the culinary delights of antiquity. For example, it turned out not so long ago that the ancient Europeans were snacking by rodents. The first evidence of the use of spices in Europe was also found, and the oldest brewery was excavated in China.

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