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"1S-Rarus" update "stuffing" industry solution "restart 3.1"

In the 3.1 edition of the Restart branch solutions, modules appeared: "Cooks", "Service" and "Self-service", the functionality of the "Fast-food", "Administrator" workstation was updated, and the possibility of accounting for alcoholic beverages in the EGAIS system was added.

7 new opportunities "restart 3.1»:

  1. APM "Cooks" allows you to quickly start cooking dishes: with the free application "Mobile waiter", directly from the guest, a waiter instantly sends an order to set the monitor or tablet cook, where it is automatically displayed recipe and photo of the selected dishes, and after preparation of the system will alert the waiter about readiness.

AWP "Self-service" opens up new opportunities for customers and saves staff time. Now the client can independently use a special terminal by creating an electronic order and paying for it. All that remains for the employee to do is to issue a prepared order. In the new "Service" section, shift closures and unloading of exchange messages are quickly carried out. Here you can edit the prices on the menu and record the fact of the discovery of alcoholic beverages in the EGAIS system. AWP "Fast Food" is now equipped with a second monitor, which clearly shows the client the selected dishes, their quantity, cost and the total amount of the order, and also allows you to place advertising or promotional offers. The updated edition of the Administrator AWP has added notifications about products that are in the minimum balance, which allows you to quickly replenish stocks. The "Coupon" mode is designed specifically for one-time discount or gift cards. Previously, the flyer was deactivated manually, but now it is blocked automatically after a check is broken. The new option “Act of opening the alcohol” automatically creates an act of opening each bottle after scanning the goods, providing a report on the retail sale of alcohol products based on the results.

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by phones: +7 (495) 223-04-04, 231-20-02; by e-mail:

On the group "1S-Rarus" companies:

1S-Rarus "- a joint venture of companies" 1S "and" Rarus ", created in the year 1994. Today "1S-Rarus" - holding subsidiaries which operate in 15 cities of Russia and Ukraine.

For 22 years of work in the market "1S-Rarus" customers have become more 100 000 Russian and CIS companies, and divisions of the largest global companies. Experts "1S-Rarus" developed over 90 17 standard solutions for business sectors.

"1S-Rarus" - the leading "1S" company partner, the Microsoft Certified Partner, Google, Gold Partner and Beeline 1S-Bitrix, a member of the Non-Commercial Partnership Association software vendors (NP PPP).

In the group of companies "1S-Rarus" employs more than 2 600 employees, most of them are certified by "1S". Management System "1S-Rarus" corresponds to the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2008.

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For more information please contact the PR team to Elizabeth Mozzhukhin tel .: + 7 (495) 223-04-04, 231-20-02.

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